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garb someone in something

to dress someone in something. He hoped that someday he wouldn't have to garb his children in rags. She garbed herself in her finest clothes and got ready to meet her husband's family.
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Consumer Contact: Goochie Goo Garbs collect at (480) 773-1808 from 10 a.
Garb Oil & Power Corporation is a company dedicated to the application of ClosedCycle(TM) principle and NoWaste(TM) residue.
Garb, a South African Jew, said he was recruited by Shin Bet, Israel's secret police.
In between, Garb explores workers' home financing, surprisingly interesting debates over sewer lines and property values, and several leading Chicagoans who helped create modern views of home-ownership: health department commissioner Oscar De Wolf, mass builder Samuel E.
Ference argues that priests and religious in clerical garb attract young people, but I think Catholics who work for social justice and life issues attract them as well.
However, new research by Garb and her colleagues, also reported in the June 23 Science, makes the opposite case.
The players have been dressing in prison garb the last five or six years,'' Jackson said before Monday's exhibition.
The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that potential jurors cannot be dismissed because they wear religious garb or in some other way identify their religious leanings.
No live cats were harmed or even inconvenienced in the making of Bohemian Cats, which applies digital technology to photographs of cats and environments to create the lustrous, puss-n-boots style images of felines in royal garb.
Later, outside Philadelphia's historic Independence Hall, he meets and goes off with another man in 18th-century garb.
So instead of giving him the same ol' sensible tie this Father's Day, let him know he's your hero by giving him some superhero garb.
FAST FACTS: Belgium has introduced a bill that would bar students and government employees from wearing religious garb in schools and offices.
So staff at places like Garb in Shelton Square and Wish in Hertford Street have been in the know about up-and-coming streetwear styles for some time.
We should not scorn those who delight in wearing military uniforms, for they groove on the garb that demarcates them as legitimate targets.
In the second half of the twentieth century, dance fashion began to reflect a series of rebellions--the black leotards and footless tights of modern dance emerged on college campuses and in coffee houses, go-go dancers scandalized the Eisenhower generation with micro-minis, disco dancers scorned ragtag hippie garb with form-fitting Lycra bodywear, and hip-hoppers and ravers made baggy chic.