galvanize into action

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galvanize someone into action

Fig. to stimulate someone into some activity. The explosion galvanized Martha into action. We were galvanized into action by the storm.
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8220;Opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech are increasing, but there's still plenty of work to do,” said Lawrence Mandes, Galvanize co-founder.
Currently, SVB has a dedicated office space on Galvanize's San Francisco campus and offers free banking services for pre-Series A Galvanize community members.
For companies further along on the growth continuum, Galvanize offers permanent desks as well as "G Suites," which remain part of the larger entrepreneurial community.
1] Company demand for data-literate talent and employee demand for data science skills make Campus London the ideal place for Galvanize to launch these programs.
We are excited to join Galvanize to enhance our efforts to encourage innovative thinking in the Colorado region," said Katrina Salem, PwC's Managing Partner for the Rockies market.
The project includes a new continuous industrial line to galvanize and paint high-specification steel, thereby positioning the company to offer enhanced service to industrial markets such as the automotive, appliance and refrigeration sectors.
Galvanize announced the buyout of Zipfian Academy for an undisclosed amount.
7 million has been invested by Galvanize Venture Fund.
The new plant at Sawtry, which was announced by the Wedge Group last year and completed on schedule, galvanizes steel items for a customers throughout the East Midlands, East Anglia and the surrounding areas.