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galumph around

to move around looking for someone or something or transporting someone or something. I am so tired of galumphing around, dropping off and picking up kids. I have to stop galumphing around day after day.
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galumph (around)

in. to walk around; to schlep around. I spent all day galumphing around, looking for a present for Ted.
See also: around, galumph


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John Mortimer - like a dazed behemoth in a rumpled country suit, he slowly galumphs towards his favourite corner table Actor Leo McKern in the role of Rumpole
He galumphs around with aimless urgency in a workaday suit and heavy shoes, trying to soar, but his flex-footed leaps clunk hopelessly back to earth.
Anyone who galumphs through the world with a knit cap pulled low on her head, her face radiating a wide-eyed wonder copied from Giulietta Masina in La Strada, must surely be better than the rest of us.
The story galumphs along with plenty of heavy-handed rhyme but little reason and no one to care about or even like, Carmen included.
She galumphs down the polemical path into a fractured sociology and rhetorical moral order, trying to contemporize Morisot with a trendy reference to surrogate mothers.
Standouts in the supporting cast include Donna Lynne Champlin's Honoria, who crinkles her nose and galumphs about with exaggerated gusto like a horsy English girl; Becky Watson's girlish Madeline, twirling about giddily in the prettiest of Louise Belson's costumes; James Kall, spot-on as the tongue-tied and lovestruck Gussie; and Sam Tsoutsouvas, quite smashing as the blustery Sir Watkyn.