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galumph around

to move around looking for someone or something or transporting someone or something. I am so tired of galumphing around, dropping off and picking up kids. I have to stop galumphing around day after day.
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galumph (around)

in. to walk around; to schlep around. I spent all day galumphing around, looking for a present for Ted.
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This galumphing squall of Busby Berkeley-esque intensity enraptures, in spite of certain ominous elements and symbolism within the painting, such as the elephants' closed eyes, the snarls and close proximity to us of the panthers, and two clowns recalling Ronald McDonald and John Wayne Gacy's "Pogo" (the character the serial killer performed at birthday parties, luring boys to their deaths).
It's hard to pick the worst of such a dire selection, but C-lebrity's galumphing satire particularly grates.
He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back.
The closing canticle enacts the poet's bravest leap of the imagination, at once lasers and lectures, gossamer material that had no place among Jackson's galumphing heavy cavalry.
Ditto to the dowdily galumphing dromedary with its root in dromad, Greek for swift.
Galumphing about the stage in a sensationally outre gown, purple hair and rhinestone-winged glasses, she razzes latecomers and asks them to identify themselves.
So for Sunday's feature Churchill recruited three young, extraordinarily gifted artists for a magic rendering of Beethoven's galumphing Triple Concerto for violin, cello, and piano: Sami Merdinian, violin; Jacob Braun, cello; and Christopher Guzman, piano.
The average back yard, despite our best efforts to tame it, is a veritable jungle of extraordinary plants and animals--unseen and under-appreciated for the most part, if only because we humans live our lives galumphing around on such long legs.
My horse could scramble by switchbacks for a short way, like a badger galumphing.
Then there's the verse, the galumphing iambs and anapests that pull you forward with the force of the Cat in the Hat leading you off a cliff.
One can see Allessandro's point in trying to identify every one Vivaldi's chittering birds, galumphing horses, and drunken villagers, but in exaggerating these musical descriptions, he rather overlooks the music itself.
The bestselling quartet of blockbusters that eventually followed--A Rage to Live, Ten North Frederick, From the Terrace, Ourselves to Know--were a boon to O'Hara's bank account and a bane to fiction, so galumphing, tediously spelled-out ("A master of inference in his short work," Wolff writes, "O'Hara steps all over punch lines in his tomes, explaining puns as well as anecdotes"), and so sardine-packed with for gettable, extraneous characters that the cumulative impact of their collective dead weight left many wondering what it was they had ever liked about O'Hara's stuff in the first place.
A herd of eager reactionaries galumphing through Congress on their way to sit on the federal bench for the rest of their lives and, more to the point, ours?
He was so gaga, it wasn't even a casual, dignified amble her way, but a galumphing gallop.
Lily Penleric, a galumphing intellectual raptor who, having fled academia to chill out at her sweet, gay sister Elna's (Jane Adams) backwoods schoolhouse, discovers that the hills are alive with pure derivations of the English and Celtic folk tunes she's devoted her life to studying.