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galumph around

to move around looking for someone or something or transporting someone or something. I am so tired of galumphing around, dropping off and picking up kids. I have to stop galumphing around day after day.
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galumph (around)

in. to walk around; to schlep around. I spent all day galumphing around, looking for a present for Ted.
See also: around, galumph


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The General tucked the valise under his arm, marched out of the cafeteria with his consultant in tow and galumphed off down another dark winding corridor.
Trescothick galumphed back to the pavilion just four overs before the end of the innings and only nine runs away from eclipsing his previous highest one-day international score but the Barmy Army let him know in no uncertain terms that he had done a fine job in sweaty conditions.