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walking dandruff

and galloping dandruff
n. lice. (see also pants rabbits.) The bum called his lice “walking dandruff.” I don’t know anybody with galloping dandruff—I hope.
See also: dandruff, walking

galloping dandruff

See also: dandruff, galloping
References in classic literature ?
Ichabod, who had no relish for this strange midnight companion, and bethought himself of the adventure of Brom Bones with the Galloping Hessian, now quickened his steed in hopes of leaving him behind.
The stories of Brouwer, of Bones, and a whole budget of others were called to mind; and when they had diligently considered them all, and compared them with the symptoms of the present case, they shook their heads, and came to the conclusion chat Ichabod had been carried off by the Galloping Hessian.
The white horse was still galloping in the direction of the Loire, at the extremity of which, melting into the vapors of the water, a little sail appeared, wave-balanced like a water-butterfly.
Their exultation was slightly tempered by the glimpse they had had of the strange apparition of the naked white man galloping away upon the horse of one of their foemen and carrying a companion who was now among them expatiating upon the superhuman strength of the ape-man.
And a moment later, amidst a cloud of dust, the raiders were galloping madly across the plain, and out from the concealment of the reeds along the river, crept a party of black warriors toward the spot where the golden ingots of Opar lay piled on the ground.
I was one day watching a good rider, as we were galloping along at a rapid pace, and thought to myself, "Surely if the horse starts, you appear so careless on your seat, you must fall.
Several of the riders were in front and several behind, when suddenly Vronsky heard the sound of a horse galloping in the mud behind him, and he was overtaken by Mahotin on his white-legged, lop-eared Gladiator.
With the cry of "now," the mare tugged with all her might, but far from galloping, could scarcely move forward; she struggled with her legs, gasping and shrinking from the blows of the three whips which were showered upon her like hail.
Levin has managed Galloping Hill for more than seven years and has completed a full exterior renovation, including a unique pylon sign with stainless steel sculpture of a galloping horse that was created by a commissioned artist specifically for the center.
Of the three-year-olds, it was arguably Opera Cape who created the most favourable impression when he and Frankie Dettori were able to get a dream run up the rail to defeat two galloping companions in style.
I wanted to do a sendup of Westerns where instead of horses galloping next to a train, we'd have camels, and the characters would jump from the camels to the train,'' recalls Eisner.
Sir Michael Stoute's Russian Rhythm continued her 1,000 build-up when stretching out well under Kieren Fallon to go clear of her galloping companions.
NYSE: DDMG), a leading digital production company focused on visual effects, original content animation and major studio co-productions, today announced that it has executed final definitive agreements in connection with its Joint Venture Agreement with Beijing Galloping Horse Film Co.
VVHILLSTAR Sir Michael Stoute As well as his main yard at Freemason Lodge, Stoute also operates from his original base across the road at Beech Hurst, from where both the King George third and his galloping companion Opinion were dispatched across town to the watered gallop.
The West Covina-born jockey has the call on Galloping Grocer for the $75,000 Whirlaway Stakes today at Aqueduct in New York, a race that could stamp the New York-bred gelding a Kentucky Derby contender.