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gallery gods

The people seated in the highest seats in the theater. I'm so nervous to take the stage tonight—I hope I don't get heckled by the gallery gods! Oh boy, we're going to be gallery gods in these terrible seats!
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play to the gallery

 and play to the crowd
to perform in a manner that will get the strong approval of the audience; to perform in a manner that will get the approval of the lower elements in the audience. John is a competent actor, but he has a tendency to play to the crowd. When he made the rude remark, he was just playing to the gallery.
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play to the gallery

to spend time doing or saying things that will make people admire or support you, instead of dealing with more important matters Politicians these days are more interested in playing to the gallery than exercising real influence on world events.
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play to the gallery

Appeal to spectators for maximum approval, as in He peppers his speeches with humor and wisecracks about his opponent, clearly playing to the gallery . In this term gallery refers to the cheapest seats in a British theater and hence the least sophisticated audience. [Late 1800s]
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rogues' gallery

A police collection of pictures of criminals and suspects kept for identification purposes. For example, The detective went through the entire rogues' gallery but couldn't find a match with the suspect . [Mid-1800s]
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peanut gallery

A rowdy audience. The original peanut galleries were the cheapest, which is to say, the highest, seats in a theater or vaudeville house. Their patrons heckled and often threw peanuts (the least expensive items sold at the snack bar) at performers who didn't measure up to the audience's expectations. The most popular children's television show of the mid-20th century was Howdy Doody (Howdy, Mr. Bluster, Flub-A-Dub and other marionettes interacted with their human friends led by Buffalo Bob Smith and Clarabelle the Clown). The studio audience were children who sat in the Peanut Gallery and were encouraged to laugh, cheer, or boo at the show's riotous happenings.
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rogues gallery

Collection of “head shot” photographs. A rogues gallery is a compilation of “mug shot” photos of actual and suspected criminals maintained by police departments for purposes of identification. The practice began in the mid-19th century with the development of photography. By extension, any collection of head-and-shoulder photos, such as college fraternity composites and academic yearbooks, is jokingly referred to as rogues galleries.
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The master bedroom has a galleried area where you can enjoy the panoramic views
INSIDESTORY [bar] The property has a canopy porch, reception hall, living room, dining room, study, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, utility room, galleried landing with vaulted ceiling, five bedrooms, an en suite and a family bathroom.
Up the stairs, the first floor is arranged around a large galleried landing leading to six bedrooms and the family bathroom.
From the hall, the staircase rises to a galleried landing, which sweeps round to an impressive guest suite which includes a delightful bedroom with fitted wardrobes and a luxuriously fitted en-suite bathroom which has a Jacuzzi bath and a shower cubicle.
Off the galleried dining-landing above the stairs from the lounge is the L-shaped wallpanelled master bedroom.
The lounge/dining room is overlooked by a galleried landing with open beam ceiling incorporating king post trusses.
The recessed porch has double oak doors into a central reception hall with galleried landing, entry phone system, guest cloakroom with toilet and basin, and storage for coats.
On the first-floor is a galleried landing, three large bedrooms, a dressing room, house bathroom and two en-suite bathrooms.
Design notables include a feature hallway and galleried landing that adds to the charm and character of the house.
As well as under floor heating to the ground floor, there is also an impressive 24ft reception hall with vaulted ceiling and a ship's staircase-style galleried landing, four bedrooms - three with wet room en suites - an in-and-out keyblock driveway with electronic gates, and a large patio relaxation garden.
These include a good-sized open-plan living room which has a rustic brick fireplace, a beamed ceiling and an atrium overlooked by the galleried landing.
The interior remains a splendid example of Victorian heritage, with its luxurious finishings and galleried main hall.
Distinctive modern architecture, galleried shopping malls, 320 shops, over 3000[m.
It boasts a superb 20ft grand reception hall with galleried landing and polished granite quartz stone tile flooring, a 21ft drawing room, dining room, family room and 27ft fitted kitchen/breakfast room.
The attic of the four-bedroomed, three-bathroomed house has a large galleried studio complete with a glazed turret, almost like a small observatory.