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go (one's) (own) gait

To pursue one's own interests. Don't worry about what your friends are doing—just go your own gait.
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go your (or your own) gait

pursue your own course. dated
1940 Herbert Read Annals of Innocence These are qualities to be enjoyed by non-poetic people: the poet must go his own gait.
See also: gait, go
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With age, gait can become slower with a reduced stride length and flat footed heel strike.
There are, however, some characteristic differences between an ageing gait and a Parkinsonian gait, which may only be observed through clinical gait analysis and analysis of spatiotemporal, kinematic and kinetic data.
Engineers have long believed that mimicking this tripod gait would make six-legged robots move fastest.
Instead of a tripod gait, the researchers found that a "bipod" gait was more effective.
Two typical gaits are discussed in this paper, including walk and trot.
It can be observed that the C-FuzzyEn values for the normal gaits are congregated in a small range (from 0.
The information is then received by the markers on the individual where it is relayed to computers to depict their gait.
Choosing different gaits and gait parameters are the most important and general factors to be taken into consideration.
5 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that a horse's gait, an attribute central to its importance to humans, has been influenced by a genetic mutation, which was spread by humans across the world.
Gait on the other hand does not suffer from these deficiencies.
This gait arrangement accomplished the speed/stability goal.
There is evidence that the brain has a significant impact on gait," she said while presenting the study at the annual meeting of the American Geriatrics Society.
One of the interesting challenges in research on pathological gait concerns understanding how coordinative patterns emerge between limbs (interlimb coordination) and within segments of a limb (intra-limb coordination).