gain in

gain in (something)

To achieve more of some thing or attribute. Even just working there a year, I gained in knowledge of how the industry really works. That timid little girl has certainly gained in confidence over the course of the school year.
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gain in something

to advance in a particular quality. Todd grew in stature and gained in wisdom. Mary gained in experience as the weeks went on.
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gain in

To increase with respect to something: The athlete gained in strength, but lost in agility.
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Two health insurance companies posted the largest operating gains, while A1lianz Life of North America went from a $397 million operating loss in 6 months of 2007 to a $699 million operating gain in 6 months of 2008.
Only 36 of The Townsend 100 Companies reported a surplus gain in the first quarter of 2008.
Despite record earnings, and a 15% gain in earnings in 2007, the life industry ROE was only 10.
3% gain in surplus in the first 6 months of 2007 for the Townsend 100 Composite of 100 life insurers with 84% of the U.
In 2005 the most significant driver of statutory net realized capital gain for New York Life was the sale of an apartment house in Manhattan for a gain in the hundreds of millions of dollars," says William Werfelman, a spokesman for New York Life, New York.
2% for the first six months of 200S, the lowest percent gain in the last 11 years.
7% gain in total surplus funds in the first quarter of 2005, as interest rate spreads declined and shareholder dividends consumed half of operating earnings.
6% gain in total surplus funds in 2004, on the strength of a record $26.