gain by doing

gain something by doing something

to achieve some benefit by doing something. What did he gain by dropping out of school? I will gain some degree of security by investing in U.S. Treasury bonds.
See also: gain
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The Government has nothing to lose and much to gain by doing nothing to help our steel industry.
The delight is in the camaraderie and the team spirit - and, hopefully, the results you gain by doing the job.
There are often seconds to gain by doing this, but the flip side is additional maintenance.
For more call 09050 700 438 Cancer June 21 - July 22 WHAT you're giving up and what you gain by doing it, is what's important today.
What employability skills will the kids gain by doing these same projects year alter year?
Why would they sacrifice their economic interests for the ASEAN claimants when they have nothing to gain by doing that?
Yet Labour failed to give our region the priority it deserves, no doubt because they felt they had nothing to gain by doing so.
Going back to Wales now is a risk he doesn't need to take and there is nothing for him to gain by doing so.
The key message of The Power of Half is how much we gain by doing good together -- as a family, as a class, as a community or as partners -- so it is with great pleasure that we've joined with Rebuilding Together.
While the US has made no statements about Barghouti, I believe that the general pragmatic thrust of current policy would welcome his release and attempt to use it to build a bridge to the Palestinian side and encourage it to join negotiations - with the caveat, of course, that the Palestinians must feel that they have something to gain by doing so, which is not currently the case.
There seems little to lose but much to gain by doing so.
Thomas); we are not given any indication of what we would gain by doing so.
It not entirely clear what they had to gain by doing this.
State the advantage to you, and to your employer if it grants the leave, as it will have the benefit of the knowledge you gain by doing the course.
Foreigners do not sell unless they gain by doing so, and new competition always has adverse effects on established producers.