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blow the gaff

slang To talk about or reveal a private or secret matter. Primarily heard in UK. I can't believe you blew the gaff and talked about the plans for her surprise party right to her face! Don't tell your little brother anything you want to keep secret because he'll definitely blow the gaff.
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stand the gaff

Take severe criticism or other adversity in stride, as in If you can't stand the gaff, don't try running for office. [Slang; late 1800s]
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blow the gaff

If you blow the gaff, you tell people something which was supposed to be kept secret. He is certainly not the first minister to blow the gaff. Note: `Blow' here means `reveal'. In the 19th century, `gaff' was a slang word used to refer to dishonest behaviour which was intended to deceive people.
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blow the gaff

reveal or let out a plot or secret. British informal
The word gaff is recorded from the early 19th century, but its origins are uncertain.
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blow the ˈgaff (on somebody/something)

(British English, informal) reveal a secret: She didn’t want anyone to know where she had been, but her husband blew the gaff. OPPOSITE: keep mum
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While Judy held the rod, I reached down and gaffed the big fish and pulled it on board.
While the fish were fought, the deckhand tossed more pilchards to keep the rest of the school of cobia around, then gaffed two fly-caught fish and another two taken on spin gear.
I gaffed the fish and we all jumped with joy and Jackson was full of pride.
And when Wagner gaffed it and swung the beast over the railing, my relief was matched only by my exhaustion.
Many captains report improved temperament out of both mahi and cobia when they are netted, as opposed to being gaffed.
Civil servants had pulled he plug on the call when they realised to their horror that they had gaffed.
When the denizen vaulted toward the boat's stern, the men gaffed what turned out to be a 93-pound yellowfin tuna.