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blow the gaff

  (British old-fashioned, informal)
to cause trouble for someone by letting other people know something that they were trying to keep secret (often + on ) They killed Green because he was about to blow the gaff on their drug dealing.
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stand the gaff

Take severe criticism or other adversity in stride, as in If you can't stand the gaff, don't try running for office. [Slang; late 1800s]
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Wright finally shooed it away, and Watson gaffed and landed his own fish - a 28.
In his first outing for the club, Henrik came on for Andreas Thom with half an hour to go and with an early touch, gaffed and gifted it to Chic Charnley who went on and scored Hibs' winner, giving them the three points and a 2-1 win.
PRINCE Philip gaffed again when he jokingly asked a blind woman with a guide dog: "Do you know they now do eating dogs for the anorexic?
Not only did Brown give up three homers, he also was beaten to the base on a grounder to first and then gaffed when he forget there was only one out on a grounder hit back to him.
ITALIAN leader Silvio Berlusconi has gaffed again by kissing the hand of a Muslim bride.
The letter arrived a day after Rifkind gaffed by unveiling a Tesco poster at the Tory's campaign launch.