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The list includes pop-culture phenomena like "I Got a Crush on Obama" (Viral Video) and 23/6's "Swift Kids for Truth" (Comedy: Long Form or Series), global gabfests like The Guardian's Comment is Free and The Huffington Post (Blog -- Political), and innovative advocacy tools such as Eyes on Darfur (Activism), micro-lending service Kiva (Charitable Organization / Non-Profit), and political money-tracker MAPLight (Politics).
Today Eliza Lucas Pinckney would be the subject of talk-show gabfests and made-for-TV movies, a child prodigy turned into a celebrity.
Their overuse has encouraged people to engage in serious gabfests.
Horserace politics dominate the political gabfests, with corporate power shunted to the sidelines.
Finally, the coup de grace is the motorized volume pot control, two arrows which raise and lower the volume, ideal when changing from WAMU's quotidian menu of public interest gabfests to WETA's classical music repertoire to jazz and blues on WPFW.
Rather, it makes baseball more accessible to gabfests among followers.
Lewis, you see, was an African-American artist, the only one included in those theoretical gabfests at Studio 35 called the Artists' Sessions.
Often absent from these gabfests are Andre Braugher as Frank Pembleton, a stern, abrasive and ruthlessly efficient black veteran detective, and Kyle Secor, as Bayliss, his white rookie partner.
Since its founding in 1996, Slate Magazine has been committed to smart, counterintuitive analysis of politics and culture, and Slate's Political and Culture Gabfests have brought these values to millions of podcast listeners over the past seven years.