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In fact, The Spaniard is a great spot for a few bevvies after work, a rummage around the beers over the weekend and a Sunday service that can clear even the fuzziest head.
Spellman said at the time, "The man standing in line for the Otis Redding show at the Apollo almost certainly never heard of tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler, and wouldn't have the fuzziest idea of what he was doing if he did hear him" (167).
Given its unique familial context, then, it should not be surprising that this biography is so careless in ways a conventional biography ought not to be--that, for instance, it establishes only the fuzziest chronology, never referencing specific dates and rarely even years; or, for another, that it forgets to introduce or then fails to identify by anything much more than a name Lou's supposedly closest friend and fellow prankster, Bobby Barber; or, most important, that it fails to appraise the distinctive comic accomplishment of Lou Costello in anything other than the broadest commercial terms.
Prahalad came to management thinking from the field of physics - entering the world of the fuzziest of sciences from one of the most precise.
The problem is fuzziest when dealing with intangible assets, like ideas or information, because their cost may bear little relationship to their value.
By accepting the fuzziest of contentions and surrendering their skepticism, journalists do no favors to the mentally ill in desperate need of a media willing to ask tough questions on their behalf.