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1. and fuzz man and fuzzy (tail) n. the police; a jail keeper; a detective. The fuzz is onto you. Tell the fuzz man I was out of town when the job was pulled.
2. and fuzzle in. to get drunk. They were just sitting there fuzzling away the day. He fuzzled and fuzzled like booze was going out of style.

fuzz man

See fuzz
See also: fuzz, man

fuzz station

n. a police station. He had to spend about an hour at the fuzz station, but nothing happened to him.
See also: fuzz, station


and fuzzled and fuzzy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. You are too fuzzed all the time to hold the job. Pack!
See also: fuzz


n. a man with a beard. (see also fungus-face.) A couple of fuzz-faces came in and asked for mustache wax.