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blow a fuse

1. Literally, to suddenly lose power due to an overloaded electrical circuit. Well, we just blew a fuse—it seems that running the space heater, the coffee maker, and a blow dryer at the same time was not the best idea!
2. To react furiously and/or violently to something or someone, to the point of losing control of one's behavior. Mom totally blew a fuse when I told her I had failed math. Don't blow a fuse, it's just a tiny scratch on the car.
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a short fuse

A tendency to become angered, enraged, or upset very quickly or easily; a short temper. I'm usually a pretty calm person, but whenever I start driving I find I have such a short fuse.
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blow a fuse

1. to burn out the fuse on an electrical circuit and lose power. The microwave oven blew a fuse, so we had no power. You'll blow a fuse if you use too many appliances at once.
2. and blow one's fuse; blow a gasket; blow one's cork; blow one's lid; blow one's top; blow one's stack Fig. to explode with anger; to lose one's temper. Come on, don't blow a fuse. Go ahead, blow a gasket! What good will that do?
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fuse something with something

to bond something together with something. You have to fuse the upper layer to the lower layer with heat. He used heat and pressure to fuse the patch with the soft rubber of the raft.
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fuse with something

to bond with something. The metal has fused with the glass coating on the tank. I didn't know that metal could fuse with glass.
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quick temper

 and short temper; short fuse
a bad temper that can be easily aroused. Tyler has a quick temper and doesn't mind letting everyone see it.
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blow a fuse/gasket

to become very angry and shout or behave in a violent way Jim'll blow a fuse if he finds you here. When her husband realised how much she'd spent he blew a gasket.
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a short fuse

if someone has a short fuse, they become angry quickly and often Charlie has a sharp tongue and a short fuse.
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blow a fuse

Also, blow a gasket. Lose one's temper, express furious anger. For example, When his paycheck bounced, John blew a fuse, or Tell Mom what really happened before she blows a gasket. An electric fuse is said to "blow" (melt) when the circuit is overloaded, whereas a gasket, used to seal a piston, "blows" (breaks) when the pressure is too high. The first of these slangy terms dates from the 1930s, the second from the 1940s. Also see blow one's top; keep one's cool.
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blow a fuse

and blow one’s fuse and blow a gasket and blow one’s cork and blow one’s lid and blow one’s top and blow one’s stack
tv. to explode with anger; to lose one’s temper. Go ahead, blow a gasket! What good will that do? Crunk! I so blew my top!
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blow one’s fuse

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fuse box

n. the head; the brain. I’m afraid she’s missing a little something in the fuse box.
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have a short fuse

tv. to be easy to anger. (Have got can replace have.) He’s got a short fuse, so watch out.
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short fuse

n. a quick temper. I knew she’d blow. She’s got a short fuse.
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blow a fuse

/gasket Slang
To explode with anger.
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blow a fuse

Lose your temper. Back in the days before circuit breakers, a house's electrical system was regulated by a fuse box. Individual fuses connected to separate lines throughout the house were inserted into the box. When a circuit became overloaded, a thin metal strip in the fuse melted, breaking the circuit to prevent an overload and a possible fire. You'd then replace the fuse after disconnecting whatever appliance might have caused the overload. Someone who because very angry was said to blow a fuse, which doesn't make sense because a fuse was meant to defuse, so to speak, the situation. But no one ever said that idioms must be rational. Similar expressions that make more sense are “blow your stack,” which came from the era of steam engines that would explode if the steam wasn't allowed to explode, and “have a meltdown,” as in a nuclear reactor gone wild.
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