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with no further ado

With no more delay. And now, with no further ado, let's introduce the opening act!
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don't let it go any further

Don't reveal this information to anyone else. Greg got the promotion, but don't let it go any further—the boss will officially announce it later today.
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Don't let it go any further,

 and Don't let it out of this room.
Don't tell this secret to anyone else. (Also literal.) This is a strict secret. Don't let it go any further. I'll tell you what you what to know, but don't let it go out of this room.
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see no further than the end of one's nose

 and cannot see (any) further than the end of one's nose; can't see beyond the end of one's nose
Fig. to be narrow-minded; to lack understanding and perception. She is so selfish she can see no further than the end of her nose. You don't care about any one but yourself. You can't see any further than the end of your nose.
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stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach

Prov. Do not spend more money than you have. Sue: I can get enough money for college if I take out several loans. Bill: I'd advise against it. Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach.

without further ado

Cliché without further talk. (An overworked phrase usually heard in public announcements.) And without further ado, I would like to introduce Mr. Bill Franklin! The time has come to leave, so without further ado, good evening and good-bye.
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without further ado

Also, without more ado. Without more work, ceremony, or fuss. For example, Without further ado they adjourned the meeting and went home, or And now, without more ado, here is our speaker of the day. This idiom has one of the few surviving uses of the noun ado, meaning "what is being done." (Another is much ado about nothing.) [Late 1300s]
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cannot see further than (the end of) your nose

be unwilling or fail to consider different possibilities or to foresee the consequences of your actions.
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without further/more aˈdo

(old-fashioned) without delaying; immediately: So without further ado, let’s get on with tonight’s show.
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far/farther/further aˈfield

far away from home; to or in places that are not near: You can hire a car if you want to explore further afield.Journalists came from as far afield as China and Brazil.
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further along/down the ˈroad

at some time in the future: There are certain to be more job losses further down the road.
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go ˈfurther

1 say more about something, or make a more extreme point about it: I would go even further and suggest that the entire government is corrupt.
2 last longer; serve more people: They watered down the soup to make it go further.
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go no ˈfurther


not go any ˈfurther

if you tell somebody that a secret will go no further, you promise not to tell it to anyone else: Can I have your assurance that this will go no further?
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ˌnothing could be ˌfurther from my ˈmind, the ˈtruth, etc.

used to emphasize that what somebody has said you are thinking is definitely not true: ‘You must be thinking how terrible I look.’ ‘Nothing could be further from my mind. You’re as beautiful as always.’People expect the richest people to be the most generous, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth.
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take something ˈfurther

take more serious action about something or speak to somebody at a higher level about it: I am not satisfied with your explanation and I warn you that I intend to take the matter further.
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be far/further/furthest reˈmoved from something

be very different from something; not be connected with something: Many of these books are far removed from the reality of the children’s lives.
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see no further than the end of one’s nose

and cannot see (any) further than the end of one’s nose
in. to be narrow-minded; to lack understanding and perception. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You can’t see any further than the end of your nose.
See also: end, further, nose, of, see

cannot see any further than the end of one’s nose

See also: any, cannot, end, further, nose, of, see

cannot see further than the end of one’s nose

See also: cannot, end, further, nose, of, see
References in classic literature ?
Carr an opportunity to visit San Francisco on general business of the mine, which could not, however, prevent him from arranging further combinations with capital.
Ah, remember that, until further evidence, I now accuse nobody.
As this objection, therefore, has been in a manner waived by those who have criticised the powers of the convention, I dismiss it without further observation.
I have never yet led my Nautilus so far into southern seas; but, I repeat, it shall go further yet.
A little point of light shone on the further bend of the curve, and the grey sweep of the sandy beach lay faint under the starlight.
There was no further question, therefore, about Marie Michon among the four Musketeers, who besides had what they wanted: that was, the order to withdraw Mme.
My situation in life, my connections with the family of de Bourgh, and my relationship to your own, are circumstances highly in my favour; and you should take it into further consideration, that in spite of your manifold attractions, it is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may ever be made you.
To beat the way further through the snow with these enfeebled animals seemed next to impossible; and despondency began to creep over their hearts, when, fortunately, they discovered a trail made by some hunting party.
I couldn't come any further," he added, consulting a dog-watch, which hung on a chain round his neck, "not even if there were a Cat insight
Only my boundless respect for your merits restrains me from demanding satisfaction at your hands, as well as a further explanation as to the reasons which have led you to take it upon yourself to answer for my conduct.
A lingering hope, which had been indulged by some of the party, of proceeding by water, was now finally given up: the long and terrific strait of the river set all further progress at defiance, and in their disgust at the place, and their vexation at the disasters sustained there, they gave it the indignant, though not very decorous, appellation of the Devil's Scuttle Hole.
With eyes fixed upon the ground they crept slowly across a strip of the field, returning a little further down in such a manner that, when they should have finished, not a single inch of the pasture but would have fallen under the eye of some one of them.
I was much depressed over the news of Dejah Thoris' disappearance, and now there was added the further burden of apprehension concerning the fate of this girl whom I believed to be the daughter of some proud Barsoomian house, and it had been my intention to make every effort to return her to her people.
Though indeed some persons may have this further [1276a] doubt, whether a citizen can be a citizen when he is illegally made; as if an illegal citizen, and one who is no citizen at all, were in the same predicament: but since we see some persons govern unjustly, whom yet we admit to govern, though not justly, and the definition of a citizen is one who exercises certain offices, for such a one we have defined a citizen to be, it is evident, that a citizen illegally created yet continues to be a citizen, but whether justly or unjustly so belongs to the former inquiry.
The evidence of the porter went further than anything else towards the success of Lebedeff in gaining the assistance of the police.