plough a lone furrow

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plough a lone/lonely furrow

  (mainly British literary)
to do something alone and without help from other people He'd always been happier working in isolation, ploughing a lone furrow.
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References in classic literature ?
It was a succession of luminous furrows, very different from the radiation of Copernicus not long before; they ran parallel with each other.
The grayness of the whole immense surface, the wind furrows upon the faces of the waves, the great masses of foam, tossed about and waving, like matted white locks, give to the sea in a gale an appearance of hoary age, lustreless, dull, without gleams, as though it had been created before light itself.
His finely-shaped intelligent face--hidden, as to the lower part of it, by a curly black beard--would have been absolutely handsome, even in the eyes of a schoolgirl, but for the deep furrows that marked it prematurely between the eyebrows, and at the sides of the mouth.
The furrows in his face deepened, the latent humor died out of his eyes.
They were long and narrow furrows sunk between parallel ridges, bordering generally upon the edges of the craters.
The compression from the surrounding loose sand, acting while the tube was still softened from the effects of the intense heat, has evidently caused the creases or furrows.
When they came out of the woods, all his attention was engrossed by the view of the fallow land on the upland, in parts yellow with grass, in parts trampled and checkered with furrows, in parts dotted with ridges of dung, and in parts even ploughed.
Owned and operated by Virginia native Todd Furrow, the all-new location will provide area residents with vehicle customization services including window tinting, full details, audio and mobile electronics installations, and more.
And the actress has a reputation for ploughing her own style furrow in real life.
In most soils a good location for a tensiometer station is often next to the furrow, but it may be necessary to locate the porous cup under the furrow in orchard soils with little or no lateral movement of water during irrigation.
In irrigation type, by many researches, it estimated that drip irrigation in this crop better than furrow irrigation [4, 10, 11, 24, 26] but in each zone must have economy assessment.
He may only be 28 but the [euro]365,000 a week striker couldn't furrow his brow during TV interviews last weekend.
The NCAP Field Coordinator arranged for a private service provider to rip furrow my land at the end of October.
Furrow presents fresh editions of 10 humorous poems, bourdes, from the 15th century for learners of Middle English, divided into tales of white magic, fiends and risen corpses, Arthurian bourdes, and kings and commoners.