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furnish something for someone or something

 and furnish someone or something with something
to provide something for someone or a group. I would be happy to furnish dinner for the visitors. I furnished the board of directors with the information.

furnish something for something

to provide something to be used as something. Could you furnish the salad for our picnic? We can't furnish enough glassware for the whole party.
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London, Mar 29 ( ANI ): Sir Elton John and his long time partner David Furnish are planning another baby by the end of the year, so that their 14-month-old toddler Zachary has a sibling.
DAVID Furnish has told how he and partner Sir Elton John have found parenthood much easier the second time around.
Furnish added: "People are fighting hard for this issue every day and deservedly so.
Elton John and partner David Furnish have walked the red carpet at London's Leicester Square for the premiere of their new film Gnomeo and Juliet.
In a cover story and photo spread with celebrity magazine Us Weekly, the British singer and his partner David Furnish said they had used false names initially with the surrogate mother in the United States, but that she quickly "figured out who we were.
Sir Elton John (right) and partner David Furnish who have become parents to a baby boy.
The singer and civil partner David Furnish, pictured, became parents to the 7lb 15oz baby boy.
If a customer can furnish a sample of the material, this company can furnish the customer with a durometer to check the hardness of almost any non-metallic material.
Phoenix and El Paso, Texas, recycling plants provide nearly 60 percent of the furnish needed for the Prewitt mill.
Machine and furnish variables are also considered, particularly the in-going moisture content, grammage, pressing pressure, and machine speed.
Using treated furnish has advantages over post-pressing panel treatments; for example, post-pressing treatments would necessitate additional handling of large panels that may require significant additional space and may also provide more opportunities for panel damage.
The Federal Reserve Board on June 8, 2004, issued amendments to Regulation V (Fair Credit Reporting), which implements the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), that would add model notices for financial institutions to use if they furnish negative information to consumer reporting agencies.
Fats are valued for the energy they furnish and for their flavor and staying qualities.
Directed by David Furnish (Cinemax, premieres September 3, check local listings)
865-2(e)(2)(ii)(B) provides that an electing taxpayer not under examination must furnish a copy of the election statement to the revenue agent within 20 days after receiving a notice of examination.