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all fur coat and no knickers

Good-looking on the surface but lacking substance underneath. I thought David and I would really get along well, but we had nothing to talk about at dinner—he's really all fur coat and no knickers. Our new boss sounded like she had a lot of good ideas for the department, but it turns out she's all fur coat and no knickers.
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fur piece

Rur. a long distance. (Fur = far.) It's a fur piece to the library. You'd best take the bus instead of walking. It's a pretty fur piece to the nearest big town.
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make the fur fly

 and make the feathers fly
Fig. to cause a fight or an argument; to create an uproar. When your mother gets home and sees what you've done, she'll really make the fur fly. When those two get together, they'll make the feathers fly. They hate each other.
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be all fur coat and no knickers

to look attractive but not really be very interesting or of good quality When he took over as chairman we discovered he was all fur coat and no knickers.
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the fur flies

if the fur flies, people have a bad argument The fur was really flying during that meeting.
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make the dust fly

Also, make the feathers or fur fly . Stir matters up, cause a commotion or disturbance. For example, When she saw the dog sleeping on her new bedspread, she really made the dust fly, or As soon as he learns who dented his car, he'll make the feathers fly, or She'd better not interfere or he'll make the fur fly. The first usage alludes to the results of a vigorous house-cleaning effort. The two variants, both dating from the early 1800s, allude to what happens when a hunting dog is set on a bird or rabbit.
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n. the police. (A play on the fuzz.) I think the fur is onto you, Rocko.

make the dust fly

To go about a task with great energy and speed.
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References in classic literature ?
Having thus given the reader some idea of the actual state of the fur trade in the interior of our vast continent, and made him acquainted with the wild chivalry of the mountains, we will no longer delay the introduction of Captain Bonneville and his band into this field of their enterprise, but launch them at once upon the perilous plains of the Far West.
Bands of free trappers resort hither also, to sell the furs they have collected; or to engage their services for the next hunting season.
The company that can first open its tempting supplies of coffee, tobacco, ammunition, scarlet cloth, blankets, bright shawls, and glittering trinkets has the greatest chance to get all the peltries and furs of the Indians and free trappers, and to engage their services for the next season.
In the old times of the great Northwest Company, when the trade in furs was pursued chiefly about the lakes and rivers, the expeditions were carried on in batteaux and canoes.
One of her hands was under the fur and the other under her cheek.
Then he got hold of the fur and tore it off, and her golden hair and beautiful form were seen, and she could no longer hide herself: so she washed the soot and ashes from her face, and showed herself to be the most beautiful princess upon the face of the earth.
In today's fashion market, we have different fur fashion houses and brands that boast trendy or traditional designs of the material.
Speaking today in Paris, campaign director Jennifer Hamerman called on MEPs to take action to outlaw fur farming in Europe, stating: "The practice of fur farming is cruel.
She posed outside the high-end firm's Mailbox branch with a fake skinned fox and placard reading: "Here's The Rest Of That Fur Coat".
Jacket, Star by Julian Macdonald at Debenhams Denim clean-cut Moto flares, Topshop Faux-fur collar gilet, New Look Black suede Aroma ankle boots, Topshop Cara's sister, 28, shows us how it's done in a gorgeous soft pink fur coat worn over flared jeans and a crop top.
There are warehouses full of fur right now, and no one buying.
The singer said: "All fur is a product of a violent and bloody industry.
One activist, who asked to be identified only as Ruby, said: "Fur has become fashionable again and we don't want people to support the fur industry.
Real fur is sold as faux fur on coats, jackets and boots.