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Before that, one couldn't appear completely naked, so one had to resort to all kinds of imaginative and funny ways of keeping the audience engaged.
Jackson Knowlton, a co-owner, said he is proud to have Funny Cide associated with a beer made by brewers from the horse owners' home towns.
Empire Maker had Funny Cide back in third when ending the latter's Triple Crown hopes on Saturday and he also beat his rival in the Wood Memorial Stakes at Aqueduct in April.
Asked by Eddie Fisher on TV to say something funny, Sahl replied: "John Foster Dulles.
Although his mostly baby boomer champions will disagree, it's tempting to say that Bruce was truly funny only twice in his tortured, abbreviated career--and only once intentionally.
Funny, because these are the jokes everyone wants to hear and that is the truth - D, Glasgow.
People with a good sense of humor, as measured on questionnaires, have yet to display any marked advantages in immunity, pain resistance, or susceptibility to physical illness over those with weaker funny bones, Martin notes.
Whether you're watching a sitcom and trying to get your mind off a bad situation or reading a funny E-mail from a friend during a hectic day, the mere act of laughing puts you at ease and makes the world around you a lot better.
Also you want to be funny in a movie, but you don't always want to be funny in life.
It's a pretty funny show, even though I saw all the episodes in the 1970s.
These include programs such as a recent "Silly Saturday," featuring funny movies and popcorn, topped off by an evening of humor with a local comedian.
To understand what is involved in humour and why some things are funny and others are not, we will to turn to how some psychologists and sociologists explain humour.
The best of the funnies can teach us something important about being human by offering us a radically different frame of reference a prankish, funny perspective that pulls the rug out from under our most treasured assumptions and deflates our most sacred pretensions.
Another said she's never seen anything funny in jokes that seemed to convulse everyone else.