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That's a ten per cent rise on the normal level of funniness, and is very significant, so it caught our eye.
She had the funniness and physicality required for the part.
Except that Sharia has other ideas Festive funniness.
You automatically say yes as you're desperate to get on TV and you will email your idea over to them as soon as possible; you enthusiastically tell them that your golden idea will be comprising of a script, series outline, list of characters, why it will make a fortune, its social relevance to the society we live in and how it will end wars, disease and famine by its overall funniness.
He does not take his trademark funniness over the top in this role.
Many of the reasons we get the giggles or laugh has nothing to do with funniness at all.
Rich Lederer has come up with the ideal Halloween gift, a collection of jokes, riddles, poems, and funniness that will scare the Dickens out of Halloweeners (or, to be truthful, make them laugh fearlessly).
Quickly rising to the top of his game by showing an excellent aptitude for off-the-cuff funniness, he was a regular with top London group Shotgun Impro.
It's a testament to Skinner's innate funniness and well-honed ability to command the evening - don't let the casual, if suited delivery fool you - that the state of my feet didn't cross my mind until I was all tucked up at home.
It shares the heart and soul with the original show, so it has the sweetness and the funniness," Greta Gerwig said in an interview.
The estimated coefficients on the member dummies can be used to quantify the funniness of the different members in the sample.
Indeed, "If there are wholly objective properties of funniness, deliciousness, or likelihood, then most of us must be defective in our capacity to detect them" (MacFarlane, 2006, 1).
There are three stories in each book - small hits of funniness that they take familiar fairy tales and adapt them in a preposterous way that a modern audience will love.
Desirability considerations also often reflect the immediate or direct outcomes of choice behavior, such as liking, interest, and funniness (Liberman & Trope, 1998).
Moreover, except for a few people on the margins of his life, such as Jegan and Radha Aunty, adults do not see Arjie's funniness as a subject of public discourse.