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I enjoy using my sense of funniness, too, even though my wife and kids might use the word corny to describe me.
After all, "TGS Hates Women" undermines the funniness of Abby Flynn's comedy, but it never undermines its marketability.
Gaddafi's speeches combined excitement, disdain, funniness, insanity and mistrust, until he was found in a pit he was digging for his people.
Funniness of jokes, canned laughter and recall performance.
A joke's comic value is determined by multiplying the funniness of the punchline (f) by the length of the build-up (l).
3) Hill's uses of the funniness of language are not merely for comic relief.
Despite the funniness of the last scene in Season, the anonymous narrator chooses in earnest to dissociate himself from Mustafa Sa'eed by denying the latter's existence altogether, thus trying to rid himself of his second self once and for all.
The only way I can imagine funniness in the devil's domain is if all those late-night TV comedians are being earmarked for occupancy there.
Will a day come when the race will detect the funniness of these juveniles and laugh at them--and by laughing at them destroy them?
The funniness disguises the misery," he writes of Bobby O'Malley, "but cannot transform it.
That said, you can learn how to express your wit and funniness.
But if you're going to put a weird sketch out there like "Cutlery Barn," you have to have a sense that some layer of the funniness will shine through.
In fact, the first instruments developed to assess sense of humor focused on humor appreciation (Cattell & Luborsky, 1947; Cattell & Tollefson, 1966; Eysenck, 1943) and measured the degree of funniness shown by subjects when they were shown comic cartoons.