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and phunky
1. mod. strange; far out. I like your funky hat.
2. mod. basic and simple; earthy. I like to be around funky people.
3. mod. smelly; obnoxious. This place is really funky. Open some windows.
4. mod. unkempt. Your hair is sort of funky. Comb it.


mod. alcohol intoxicated; stinking drunk. The guy is funky-drunk, and I think he’s going to be sick.


mod. very good. (see also fresh.) Mary is funky-fresh when she works out, but a real slow runner when she’s been lazy.
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The team at Funky Buddha creates clothes that are "canvasses of expression", giving consumers the ability to be themselves and differentiate from the crowd.
We are thrilled our idea for The Funky Indian has become reality and have had so much support from across the city and beyond.
For more information about Funky Moves and information about their US efforts, please visit their website at funky-moves.
Mr McCartney said: "I'm delighted that our very own Fair and FunKy will get the opportunity to run their worKshops in the Houses of Parliament.
We've been delighted with the amazing feedback we've had from parents who say their children love coming to Funky Little Chickens.
This year, Funky Divas and Dudes is expanding their influence by offering more dance classes at new schools and putting on more birthday parties.
The Valentine's Funky Roller Disco will be at the Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park, Longview Drive, Huyton, on Saturday, February 16
Funky Junk specializes in furniture, including old doors and windows, for repurposing, but it has a little bit of everything.
Burning 800 to 1000 calories a session, it's not difficult to see why Funky Pump is the latest fitness craze to sweep Scotland.
Katy revealed: "I worked with Geeneus and Zinc on the album, so between them, they've made drum 'n' bass, grime and funky house.
Like marauding crusaders waging battle in the barren wasteland of pop music, the Funky Knights plan to make a triumphant return to the area and are ready to obliterate our collective senses with their winning combination of unabashed stage antics, bawdy behavior, sweaty dance grooves and bad fashion sense.
The funky stuff continues on the large interior where the bold colour scheme gives it a youthful appeal.
All of the Funky Monkey snacks are the way that nature intended them--gluten-free and without added sugar, preservatives, colorings, or flavorings.
While there's certainly some sexy choices for the women, from vampish vampires to funky punk fairies.