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and phunky
1. mod. strange; far out. I like your funky hat.
2. mod. basic and simple; earthy. I like to be around funky people.
3. mod. smelly; obnoxious. This place is really funky. Open some windows.
4. mod. unkempt. Your hair is sort of funky. Comb it.


mod. alcohol intoxicated; stinking drunk. The guy is funky-drunk, and I think he’s going to be sick.


mod. very good. (see also fresh.) Mary is funky-fresh when she works out, but a real slow runner when she’s been lazy.
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And don't forget funkier special effects to help automakers differentiate their sedans and SUVs from the competition.
Garrick Beck of Natural Stones says, "I'm really happy surrounded by working artists in this older, funkier neighborhood.
This follow-up draws on the same general cache of material, but this time uses DJs, turntablists, and adventurous producers to slice and dice the source material into a funkier version of the same basic idea.
Royal shopping district; both feel similar to Washington, DC's Georgetown, with the Latin Quarter being a little funkier and Mt.
The look of his Paris work--dark, rough, improvisatory, immediate--established van der Elsken at the vanguard of a style that takes off from Weegee (the only influence be acknowledges) and Robert Frank and ends up someplace much funkier and more personal.
A cool front is sweeping across the Weather Channel, bringing more live coverage, a new set, funkier graphics and, for the first time in its 17-year history, programming that breaks from the "wheel" approach of rotating information.
Several even younger tappers hold down the fort at the funkier Deanna's.
Consider funkier collectibles like black dolls (they're hotter than ever), cookbooks from the Old South and movie posters.
And while ASM traditionally serves an audience of engineers and scientists, the launch of Mtrl marks an explicit expansion of ASM's scope to include those who use and specify materials in the funkier world of design.
Bush, with Pharrell Williams on production duties, has a funkier and lighter feel to his previous albums, opening with the chilled-out and mellow California Roll featuring Stevie Wonder, one of the album's best tracks.
JENNIFER HUDSON -JHUD JENNIFER HUDSON'S third album is a funkier affair than her previous works.
There were plenty of full-blooded tracks to set the heart thumping - not least a rousing tribute to The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again and the anthemic Driving Towards The Daylight from his latest album - but quieter, funkier and more melodic moments, too.
Meanwhile, in Hall Two, the funkier side of jazz will get going with Porkchop and Pee Wee Ellis, while one of the world's great alto saxophonists Peter King will be in the festival's Jazz Lounge with his quartet.
Blue is a good colour for Chris, but he should try to be a little funkier with what he wears.
He sounds like a younger and funkier version of Will Young.