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(face) fungus

n. whiskers; a beard. If John would shave off that face fungus, he’d look a lot better.
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n. a bearded man. (see also (face) fungus. See also fuzz-face.) Hey, fungus-face! Who is that behind all the fuzz?
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The assassin, a common fungus called Beauveria bassiana, slays with avast arsenal of chemical weapons, leaving corpses in a fluffy white shroud (including the caterpillar above).
DNA sequence data from modern cultures and archival fungarium specimens in this study were used to determine the identity of the fungus responsible for centipedegrass anthracnose disease and to provide confirmation of its pathogenicity," says Crouch.
Tackling nail fungus requires true patience and persistence, along with a combination of the right ingredients.
Probably the most easily recognisable fungus in the world is the fly agaric.
Fungal infections and nail fungus in particular are not only itchy and irritating, but they are also quite embarrassing," adds Dr.
And it's there that the connection between fungus and punk rock parts company.
That shatters the record held previously by a fungus growing in Kew Gardens in the UK.
Dr Mike Hale from Bangor University's School of Environment Natural Resources & Geography said the second-year forestry students found the massive fungus while on the field trip to woods at Glasfryn, near Pwllheli, earlier this autumn After marvelling at the giant fungus they recorded and photographed it.
The spores of one fungus will germinate only after going through a frog or lizard.
Battelle Memorial Institute (Richland, WA) has patented isolated gene regulatory elements and gene transcription terminators that are differentially expressed in a native fungus exhibiting a first morphology relative to the native fungus exhibiting a second morphology.
Each disease is defined and described, color images of the fungus are available, and readers can learn about prognosis, therapy, histopathology, and laboratory tests used to confirm the presence of the fungus.
1) A secondary infection by an opportunistic fungus in an already-immunocompromised patient is not easy to diagnose or treat, and the prognosis for patients with this life-threatening complication is poor.
The waterborne fungus was making its way toward their natural habitat in Panama's El Valle national park.
One of the benefits of the blazing heat this summer has been the discouragement of fungus pests in the garden.
Researchers at Birmingham University are using microscopic nematode worms to examine how Cryptococcus fungus develops in humans.