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bodily functions

euphemism The normal workings of the body, especially those usually done in private, such as urinating or defecating. When you have three sons, bodily functions are a common topic of discussion around the house.
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bodily functions

Euph. anything the body does automatically or as a normal occurrence, especially urinating and defecating. The dog needed to go outside and perform her bodily functions. It is not polite to discuss bodily functions at the dinner table.
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function as

To serve a purpose or play a role similar to that of something else: The beaks of some wading birds function as spears for catching fish.
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The second step in the inquiry regarding qualification under the ADA is whether the otherwise-qualified disabled person is able to perform the essential functions of the position held or sought, with or without reasonable accommodation.
For example, a machine-learning method known as a support vector machine has been used to classify yeast genes by function on the basis of shared regulation (46).
For purposes of this discussion, it also includes overhead functions, although arguably overhead supports both the distribution and manufacturing function and should be allocated accordingly.
Memory, attention and executive function in chronic fatigue syndrome.
The emotional content of trapping and being trapped, it seems, is endlessly variable, and it has as little to do with unity of function as do the various shapes and materials through which that function can be achieved.
In traditional records retention schedules, each record title related to the accounting function would be listed separately, probably under the accounting department.
527-2(a)(3) explicitly provides that a political organization does not have to engage exclusively in exempt function activities.
Previous reports have hypothesized that female sexual function would be affected similarly to male sexual function in that psychogenic and reflex lubrication will be maintained in a comparable fashion to males, depending on the level and degree of the woman's spinal cord injury.
These factors militate for three interrelated reforms that should be made while reinventing the communication function if it's to serve as a strategic partner in the future organization.
Lung function is a measure of the health of the lungs.
Before proceeding to the next section we should acknowledge that there are special cases when the marginal revenue function derived from the Marshallian demand function is the same as that derived from the inverse demand function.
Today, value analysis, or value engineering (VA/VE), is defined as a discipline applying the systematic analysis of function to remove unnecessary cost from the design of products and services, while retaining or enhancing their properties.
The clear implication is that the interiors might one day be ripped out and replaced and that the function of the building might easily change.
Many otolaryngologists may not be aware that we can divide vestibular function into low- and high-frequency types.
What you want to do is create a handy screen display that shows all the shortcut function keys available at the moment, depending on what you are doing at that time in that application.