fumble for

fumble for something

to try to grasp awkwardly for something. He fumbled for his wallet, hoping Wally would pay the bill. Tex was shot while fumbling for his gun.
References in classic literature ?
cried the old man, and he began to fumble for his snuff-box.
Rookie quarterback Bruce Gradkowski threw two interceptions and lost a fumble for the Buccaneers (2-7), who committed turnovers on four of five possessions in the second and third quarters to blow a 7-0 halftime lead in their third straight loss.
On defense, he had the game's only interception and returned a fumble for a touchdown.
Keith Jarbo caught a 44-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Lorin Salmon and recovered a fumble for Burroughs.
Kelechi Wami recovered a fumble for the Eagles that stopped one of Flintridge's few drives.
And then there was Fresno State, which suffered a last-minute goal-line fumble for the second week in a row in another heartbreak loss to a Big 12 Conference opponent.
They were led by defense and special teams - Merton Hanks returned a fumble for a touchdown, Chuck Levy scored on a 73-yard punt return, and Curtis Buckley's disputed hit and fumble recovery set up a third TD.