fulminate against

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fulminate against someone or something

to denounce someone or something. The workers were fulminating against their employer. They are fulminating against the president of the union.
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The news of the Newport passport office closure has prompted predictable ''outrage'' from our politicians, who will for a respectable period fulminate against this injustice, having achieved nothing.
One outside as the left and anti-racist groups fulminate against the foul Nick Griffin and the other inside in the Question Time studio where the BNP leader will,I predict,run riot against poor opposition.
We fulminate against the Americans but are they impressed?
Unlike past outrages quickly seized on by Bush to remind "evildoers" that "all options are on the table," British Prime Minister Tony Blair was left to fulminate against Tehran pretty much on his own.
Saskatoon -- The news that the Catholic hospital in Humboldt, SK decided to ban tubal ligations--although this was later reversed--prompted the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to fulminate against the very existence of religious hospitals.
So-called responsible citizens fiddle their tax returns or fulminate against being caught by speed cameras and parents, I'm sure, will fight tooth and nail to get a guilty child reinstated if he's caught cheating in exams.
It was all the more impressive, then, when this mysterious functionary took the podium on the first day to fulminate against Hegel, asserting that art is not "a leisure activity that allows us to forget the grim activity of thinking" but is "thought itself--the way that Truth concretely manifests itself in images.
However, it is not my intention to fulminate against one individual - if there is going to be a rant, then it will have to allude to the murky world exemplified by Endless Summer's imposture.
Lest anyone reading the headline fear I shall use this page to fulminate against past slights from the musical press, be assured that nothing of the sort is intended.
The good publisher disseminates our results and ideas in a way that represents them effectively, avoiding the lunacies that Glyn Daniel was wont to fulminate against.
We can accept the fact that in such a time and place fundamentalist preachers might fulminate against indiscreet lesbians but wince at such a melodramatic plot device.
However, relations have been particularly fraught since Chavez gained the Venezuelan presidency 21 months ago, and started to use his bully pulpit to fulminate against the rich in both countries.
Why do coaches fail to understand that every time they fulminate against the NCAA, they are demeaning their school and their game?
But while producers fulminate against the supermarkets, they sell their milk to dairies.
When the voices of the dominant culture fulminate against 'political correctness,' they're bemoaning the erosion of their ascendancy.