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Some signs are full of hot air and by not reading too deeply into what is being said, you will come out the winner.
They are so full of hot air and I'm fed up with the excuses.
Nonetheless, this week's carbon credit auction is a bold step in the right direction, demonstrating states can act together and in their best interests, even as Washington remains full of hot air.
To be a politician you need to be full of hot air and I am good at that" - DJ Tony Blackburn.
He's got the City buzzing and the Championship talking, so let's hope it's not full of hot air and he can settle down and do what he does best - score goals.
Maybe a bit mad -veteran singer Bryan Ferry who has confessed an addiction to TVdrama Footballers' WivesHe and his series are as full of hot air as one of his souffles -actress Amanda Barrie, who stormed out of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's KitchenIt looked like the Glasgow Chainsaw Massacre -TV personality Carol Smillie,describing the morning after rubbing red nail varnish on a sore neck in the middle of the night, thinking it was creamGoodness gracious,Nanny Blair finally spouts a few words of old-fashioned common sense -VanessaFeltz (right)on the prime minister's insistence that the government is not to blame for fat people
It's unique, is full of hot air and never needs winding up.
This week the series draws to a close and unlike many shows which are full of hot air, this one actually had some substance amid the steam clouds.
He said: "I don't like him - he's English and he's full of hot air.
As in any account of the band, exploitative manager Malcolm McLaren comes off worst; Temple unfairly (but with enjoyable cheek) runs the impresario's words over pictures of some guy in a latex domination hood being pumped full of hot air.
He was full of hot air and bluster when it came to the Blue Knights.
People are tired of politicians that are full of hot air - we have simply had enough.
Ipswich had protected the pitch for eight days using an inflatable tent, which was pumped full of hot air around the clock.
But Mr Sartori hit back, saying: "This is clearly a protest of a few old ladies who are stuck in the 1970s and are full of hot air and an old argument that was lost a long time ago.
John, now 51, said: "I've complained to Virgin but they are so full of hot air.