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fudge packer

Derogatory slang for a homosexual man.
See also: fudge

fudge the issue

To dodge or avoid doing something. The phrase often has a connotation of deceit. The finance department is fudging the issue for now, but once news reaches the CEO, they will have to admit whatever they did to make these figures so impressive. I know you didn't do any of the chores I assigned you, and you can't fudge the issue any longer!
See also: fudge, issue

pack fudge

vulgar slang To have anal sex.
See also: fudge, pack

fudge factor

Fig. a margin of error. I never use a fudge factor. I measure correctly, and I cut the material exactly the way I measured it. I built in a fudge factor of three percent.
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1. in. to cheat; to deceive (someone). (Disguise of fuck.) Bill, you’re fudging. Wait till the starting gun fires.
2. n. nonsense; deception. I’ve heard enough of your fudge. Let’s get honest, okay?

fudge factor

n. a margin of error. I never use a fudge factor. I measure correctly, and I cut the material exactly the way I measured it.
See also: factor, fudge
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Shoney's offer of a free Hot Fudge Cake is available on Thursday, December 3 while supplies last.
As your introduction to Fudge Kitchen, Sunday Mercury readers can pick up a FREE fudge treat from Monday October 6 to Sunday October 12.
He glances at Fudge before continuing: "I know it's a bit cruel but it's for charity.
Decades later, Wolfer would discover that the exacting requirements of fudge making, as a daily practice, matched her drive and intensity.
A CONFECTIONERY business has secured its first export order to Japan for its handmade Welsh fudge.
Fudge is a natural fit for our portfolio as we continue to bring well-loved brands back to the forefront and make beauty accessible to all.
To honor her mother's banana pudding, Mankin created Southern-style Banana Puddin' Fudge featuring a thick ribbon of fresh banana puree suspended in vanilla fudge with crushed vanilla wafers and topped with marshmallow foam.
The Cookie Tree is elated to partner with Bella's Confections Gourmet Fudge.
Mr Fudge said problems were dealt with slowly and with what he believed to be a brutal lack of compassion.
In chapter 3, on the other hand, Fudge concentrates on the ethical discourse that paradoxically bestializes both the agents and the victims of vicious behavior, thus demonstrating the human being's own status as "simultaneously human and animal" (60).
The 32-year-old owner of the Northwest Fudge Factory has taken the road less traveled throughout most of the last 10 years.
flavors allows Baskin-Robbins to remind fans that it has a wide variety of other chocolate ice cream favorites that includes Chocolate, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Oreo, German Chocolate Cake, Gold Medal Ribbon, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter 'n Chocolate, Rocky Road, Winter White Chocolate, and World Class Chocolate.
The pair used recipes from their native Trinidad home to come up with dozens of variations on the fudge theme.
It's a twist on the fast fudge made with sweetened condensed milk, but this one is embellished with tangerine or orange peel, white chocolate pieces and chopped pistachios.
While she continues to run the parent company, Fudge will reportedly lead the search for a replacement at the agency, which recently lost several high-profile accounts, including Burger King, Sony Electronics, and Jaguar Cars.