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1. noun Someone who is old-fashioned or crotchety. Brenda's friends call her an old fuddy-duddy because she never stays out past 9 o'clock at night.
2. adjective Old-fashioned or crotchety. You look a little fuddy-duddy. You don't have to get so dressed up, we're just going to the movies.

a fuddy-duddy

someone who has old-fashioned ideas and dresses in an old-fashioned way You don't want to take any notice of her, she's just a pompous old fuddy-duddy! (informal)


and fud (ˈfədidədi and fəd)
n. a stuffy person; an old-fashioned person, especially a male. There seems to be a convention of fuddy-duddies in the park today. I woke up some old fud sleeping on a park bench. He was mad.
References in classic literature ?
As that gentleman happened at the moment to be staring me squarely in the face as I stood by the roadside it was not altogether clear whether he was addressing me or his beasts; nor could I say if they were named Fuddy and Duddy and were both subjects of the imperative verb "to gee-up.
ROLE REVERSAL AT ITS BEST Now I get fashion tips from an eleven year old, Who, a short time ago, in my arms did hold, My Friday baby she became, Since then life has never been the same, We have taken her with us on many a trip, From her, we get just love, no lip, Always a pleasure to us, she has been, To be with us fuddy duddies, she is still keen.
One such leader was Loretta Jean "Deliana" Fuddy, MPH, ACSW, who I met when I attended one of her "walkabout" meetings with employees at a health clinic on Oahu in September.
Fuddy was a brave champion in the fight against tobacco and strongly supported initiatives to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit.
I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy when I say this, but when I was your age I fell in love every other week with someone different.
I realise that, as an old fuddy duddy, I must be the odd one out with everyone else seemingly enjoying hearing what's new on Planet Vacuous.
I am not an old fuddy duddy but I couldn't watch him anymore.
And the best part -- there was nothing fuddy duddy about this performance.
Fuddy worked as a licensed plumber for Arthur Fullerton several years then as a pipe fitter and plumber for Baystate Abrasives 10 years.
Affectionately known as "The Fuddy Duddy," this B-17 that just happens to have green-and-yellow colors was built by Douglas Aircraft at its Long Beach, Calif.
Professional impersonator Fuddy Heffernan LOOKED like Rod, DRESSED like Rod and SANG like Rod.
Hawaii health official Loretta "Deliana" Fuddy, MPH, ACSW, died in a small plane crash in December.
STUDENTS about to complete an HNC in Performing Arts at City College Coventry staged an entertaining performance based upon absurd comedy Fuddy Meers.
Next we'll have the fuddy duddies calling for this woman to resign.
CALL me an old fuddy duddy but I was a bit taken aback when I saw the new Dr Who, Matt Smith, naked from the waist up save for a string of pearls snogging his girlfriend in a hotel in Palm Springs.