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So in providing these three key cases for consideration--(1) where Hedger (2012) found different translations for English "cuss words" in Spanish, (2) where "It would be odd to claim that this person [that yells fucker in frustration] has described the wrench or the car as being a certain way" (p.
He had to be the dumbest mother fucker in the NVA," said one SP/4 staring into the dead man's face.
The complainers from Dana Point, the rich fuckers, that's the ones coming to my neighborhood.
The question presented by the case at bar is not whether Fuck is a desirable or attractive word, or whether a juvenile should be calling his principal a fucker or a fucking fag.
Tras un intento con el largometraje Dog fucker (cinta de corte amateur en la que el coprotagonista de Linda era nada mas y nada menos que un perro), la fama llego de golpe con la mencionada Garganta profunda, en la que interpretaba a un singular personaje: una mujer que, debido a un defecto congenito, tenia localizado el clitoris en el fondo de la garganta, lo que convertia la fellatio en su unica opcion para alcanzar el orgasmo.
The little fucker just said somethin' about us, white women, and 'O.
Speaking as a shit-chute fucker and dick-sucking diseased faggot myself, I must draw attention to Ward's intellectual kinship with George Will, the Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist who wrote: "Journalism seems reluctant to clarify that the primary reason for the AIDS epidemic is that the rectum, with its delicate and absorptive lining, is not suited to homosexual uses.
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We may feel that the speaker's hostile attitude is not warranted, but we have nothing to say which is capable of demonstrating that the neighbor is not a fucker.
So: we squeeze in, both of us, into the half inch of available space there is, behind some huge lanky fucker with sharp elbows and not afraid of throwing them around, and some diddy little looker all giggles and bounce--the weirdest looking couple in the world.
includes the words 'shit,' 'piss,' 'fuck,' 'cunt,' 'asshole,' and the phrases 'cock sucker,' 'mother fucker,' and 'ass hole,' compound use .
You tasteful fucker, you, don't you ever get sick of your own tastefulness?
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Why, she asks, does there exist "no object at all to slip into your pussy when you go out for a stroll that will rip up the cock of any fucker who sticks it in there"?