fuck with

fuck with somebody

to annoy, anger, or hurt someone intentionally If you look a little crazy, the guys will be less likely to fuck with you.
Related vocabulary: fool with somebody
See also: fuck
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You make a loop out of the middle of the bridge section and fuck with that until that's the main beat.
We went to Kingston University because we thought of it as a place without a reputation--something interesting to fuck with.
In New York's new cult-hit play The Wrong Fag to Fuck With, a fictitious pop pinup called the Gay Pimp invents a wild plot (and filthy ditties like "Girl, I Fucked Your Boyfriend Last Night") to take down the real-life Eminem--who soon emerges in a new identity: the Real Slim Lady.
Hell, it's dangerous to fuck with people these days - they're strange, stranger than ever before.
I was this out gay person when I was a kid, and it really made me become a survivor so that nothing could fuck with me.
And I said, Look, why don't we make them Maori, and for God's sake don't fuck with the vernacular - don't clean up their dialogue.
Mueller dragged his shitty Fender around for years and we would all fuck with it and make dumb-ass songs.
The glam revolution, which took Bowie as its hermaphroditic patron saint, promised to forever sever the bonds between prissy finery and what you did down there, to fuck with gender like it had never been fucked with before.
I used to fuck with San Francisco at skateboard conventions--me, Black Eyed Peas, Mos Def.
Long-haired and bearded, unpredictable lightspeed song structures, working best when unleashed in confined quarters; Planes have been making the rounds with a new record on No Idea called Fuck With Fire--they are the fire.