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The fruitcake is one of about 1,500 artifacts discovered in a building in Cape Adare, an Antarctic peninsula.
8220;We're hoping to inspire the next generation of Fruitcake Flinger Engineers with our event and we're hoping some veteran fruitcake toss participants will stop in to help us further inspire the kids,” reported Marc Straub, Executive Director of Cool Science.
Have a good laugh over Shatos and Daniels taking turns sneaking several big gulps of whiskey -- a major ingredient of their vaunted fruitcake recipe -- while teaching Jamie how to make one.
Fruitcake is a cheap and reliable source of energy, I'm for fruitcakes, I'm proud to be a fruitcake, long may fruitcakes continue.
Even Ken Clarke, who dismissed the Ukip threat as clowns and fruitcakes united by a hatred of foreigners, and whose party lost heavily on both counts in a ballot-box test of credibility and trust, can see the sanity in that.
When XPRESS visited the Kempinski kitchen in the run-up to the big day, around 1,000 loaves of the fruitcake were ready and stacked in the freezer room.
Children of all ages will enjoy the story and adult readers will laugh out loud at the expressive joke on fruitcake.
But I remember a time when a true Southern fruitcake was a work of art and a labor of love.
I use a lot of pecans, fruitcake mix, and candied red and green cherries in my fruitcake.
Fuller's 1845 is a dark, rich amber beer with a fruitcake aroma, hint of nutmeg and bitter hop finish.
Did you know that, according to a 1991 Harper's index, fruitcake has the same density as mahogany?
It was certainly a departure from Christmas fruitcake.
NOTE: Many don't like fruitcake, but they love these delicious cookies.
The test was cute and fun to take, particularly since it revealed that I am not the emotional fruitcake I sometimes think that I am.