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frown upon

To show one's disapproval of something. I just know my mother frowns upon my decision to go to a state school. Please stop frowning upon my choice and support me!
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frown on (something)

To disapprove or show one's disapproval of something. I just know my mother frowns on my decision to go to a state school. If people frown on such relationships, they're just living in the past.
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frown at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something with displeasure. Ted frowned at me as though I was the one who'd made that callous remark. Sadie frowned at the math problem that was giving her trouble.
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frown at someone or something

to scowl at someone or something. Please don't frown at me. I didn't do anything. Frank frowned at the dog and gave it a kick.
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frown on someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something; to show displeasure or disapproval of someone or something. The Internal Revenue Service frowns on tax cheaters. Aunt Clara always seemed to frown on my cousin for some reason.
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frown on

Regard with disapproval or distaste, as in Pat frowns on bad language. this idiom transfers the disapproving facial expression to the thought it expresses. [Late 1500s]
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frown on

or frown upon
To disapprove of something: The administration frowns on late submissions of the required forms. My parents frown upon loud music.
See also: frown, on
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Akura et al (2000)14 concluded that bent frown incision effectively achieved astigmatic neutral post-operative condition.
The two activity conditions were conducted consecutively, one including a smile condition and one including a frown condition.
Building on that research, graduate student David Havas of the University of Wisconsin-Madison decided to study people who had received Botox treatments that paralysed one pair of their corrugator muscles, which cause the forehead to constrict into a frown.
When the person tries to frown they can't," says Rebecca.
But dermatologists say the pricey potion is more likely to cause frown lines when women realise it does little more than the pounds 20 pots on the high street
And maybe the campaign's message will reduce the frowns of parents who have angst over the whole practical/liberal education debate.
The muscle paralyzer that's gaining popularity as a wrinkle reducer--focusing on smoothing out laugh lines, crow's feet and frown lines between the eyebrows--has gone mainstream now that the Food and Drug Administration has approved that the drug can be marketed for cosmetic purposes.
Its big, red rubber lips are turned down in a frown, its fuzzy eyebrows are heavy, its curly pink ears appear crestfallen.
Drop the frown and run the tables before sport's grim reaper calls time on your career.
Frown and chevron incisions lie entirely within the funnel and are astigmatically more stable.
The research, presented to the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference, found the treatment of frown lines left the clients feeling less depressed, yet people who had received treatment for crows' feet reported feeling more depressed.
In his new book 'The Face of Emotion,' Eric Finzi, who often prescribes Botox to depressed patients, writes about Jane, who visited the doctor to remove her frown lines and received an unexpected bonus - her husband no longer could tell when she was angry, the New York Post reported.