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Buck did not know of this, and as he rounded the bend, the frost wraith of a rabbit still flitting before him, he saw another and larger frost wraith leap from the overhanging bank into the immediate path of the rabbit.
Diamond Frost,'' as a member of the succulent Euphorbiaceae or spurge family, is not as hung up on the issue of moisture loss.
Born from the ashes of short-lived thrash metal trio Hellhammer and influenced by Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost was the only group with the balls to switch from a melodic rock song to an ambient soundscape to a thrash piece to a delicate string piece with female vocals on the same album.
Deciding when to plant is dependent upon the first frost date of the year, as well as the particular zone you inhabit.
The origin of bromine over ice-bound oceans has remained a mystery, but several lines of evidence now point to frost flowers as culprits.
Frost lays down the Wite-Out in dense patterns in which individual letters and nonsensical words may occasionally be picked out; overall, this amalgam of letters, numbers, and symbols is fused into his own personal hieroglyphics.
Although the terms "influence" and "intertextuality" are often distinguished by the question of agency, the issue of concurrent or overlapping features is of interest to the argument I wish to develop about Brown and Frost.
Frost Hanna Halpryn is a publicly held corporation formed in 1992 to effect a business combination with an operating entity.
BelAir's switched mesh architecture delivers both high capacity and low latency - resulting in much higher performance than traditional shared mesh solutions," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, Narendran Vaideeswaran.
Upon consummation of the acquisitions, all New First City an Antonio and Austin branches will come under Frost National Bank ownership, increasing the total number of Frost Bank branches from 16 to 23 in the San Antonio and Austin markets.
The Frost & Sullivan Award for Company of the Year is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence within its industry.
Genesys Conferencing's multimedia conferencing approach enhances business value by improving real-time communications and collaboration in a cost effective way," said Roopam Jain, Principal Analyst - Conferencing & Collaboration, ICT at Frost.
Frost large cake with Orange Butter Cream Frosting, stroking from bottom of cake to top to give ridged pumpkin effect.
Medidata's strong global presence, flexible technology platform, robust services, strategic partnerships, successful marketing strategies and sound financial management drove Frost & Sullivan analysts to choose the company as a leader in the space.
Bake a cake (using a packaged mix) in a round cake pan, and then frost with orange-tinted frosting and make a pumpkin face with assorted candies.