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In exchange for an employer's or employee's participation, the IRS agrees to refrain from tip examination.
The IRS states that lost tax revenue from tip income ranks second to the revenue lost on illegal activities.
The strategy has three objectives: reduce nonfiling of Forms 8027, Employer's Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips; increase the percentage of tips reported by employers and employees; and increase tax collections from tip income.
This is important because the tips paid to an employer (who then distributes them to the employee) may be subject to withholding requirements, and any deductions from tips for withholding will need to be itemized on the employee's pay stub.
Pizza Express said that Guirguis was sacked for misrepresenting the company by claiming they profited from tips.
Fior operated a restaurant that employed waiters, bartenders and others whose earnings came in part from tips.