from the year dot

from/since the year dot

  (British & Australian) also from/since the year one (American)
for a very long time Children have been fascinated by ghost stories since the year dot.
See the seven year itch
See also: dot, year
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As a councillor she should know full well that those in 'mansions' pay far more council tax than those in inner city areas, and from the year dot have subsidised half the population of the city who either can't pay or won't pay.
WHILE YOU'RE THERE The Natural History Museum has a host of marvels from the year dot to quite a long time ago, including artefacts from the first civilisations and skeletons of million-year-old dinosaurs.
It is a non-producing item, the ratepayers of Newcastle aren't getting anything back for it, the Ouseburn has always been an inlet to the Tyne from the year dot.
Cllr Griffin, aged 63, said: "I have been worried about that, because I have been a Conservative from the year dot.
So if auctioneerstell you they know all things about everything from the year dot, then look elsewhere.
Martin Noble says: "We are trying to brighten up the boring entrance hall with murals or montages, two of which will be devoted to the history of rugby in Huddersfield from the year dot - which we think was 1864.