from hell

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someone or something from hell

Fig. someone or something that is terrible or unbearable. I just attended the meeting from hell! It was quite a strain on all of us. We live next to the neighbors from hell. They are constantly fighting and their vicious dog terrorizes our kids.
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somebody/something from hell

someone or something with very unpleasant characteristics It was the airport from hell.
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A Cool Sound from Hell was completed in March 1959, just weeks before Furie left Canada.
But Miss McNeill said: "I'm not the neighbour from hell - I'm living in hell.
S Lewis' novella The Great Divorce begins with the charming idea that every day a bus crosses the great divide from hell to heaven.
In this case, students told the story of ``Dante's Inferno'' and depicted scenes from hell through handmade scenes set up around the classroom.
Hell Cab" -- with over 15 hours of game play -- stars Raul, a devil- in-disguise cab driver who takes players on a cab ride from hell.
In fact, were a man to read all of King's funny, facetious books about women -- including "Hormones From Hell," "Husbands From Hell," "Killer Bras," "Male Bashing" and "Why Men Are Clueless" -- he would gain innumerable skills in dealing with the opposite sex.
Once, this was the ultimate pilgrimage, but today it would be the trip from hell.