from head to toe

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head to toe

Encompassing one's entire body; top to bottom. Typically refers to how one is dressed and groomed. This is a fancy event, so you need to look good from head to toe. Schedule a haircut and shine your shoes.
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from head to toe

Fig. from the top of one's head to one's feet. She was decked out in flowers from head to toe. The huge parka covered the small child from head to toe, assuring that she would be well-protected against the cold.
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from head to toe

Also, from head to heels or foot ; from tip or top to toe . Over the entire body, in its entirety. For example, He was dressed in black from head to toe, or She ached all over, from tip to toe. These expressions date from ancient times. The alliterative head to heels originated about 1400, and Shakespeare had "from top to toe" in Hamlet (1:2).
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from head to toe


from head to foot

COMMON You use from head to toe or from head to foot to talk about the whole of someone's body. She was covered from head to toe with black and blue marks. She was trembling from head to foot. Note: You can also just say head to toe or head to foot. She was dressed head to toe in black. The boy is wrapped head to foot in a green blanket. Note: You can use head-to-toe or head-to-foot before a noun. He turned up clad in head-to-toe black. Standing against the wall was this man in head-to-foot leather. Compare with from top to toe.
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from head to toe (or foot)

all over your body.
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from ˌhead to ˈfoot/ˈtoe

all over your body; completely: She was dressed from head to foot in white.He was covered from head to foot in mud.
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Arrow used CDC and OSHA guidelines to develop the tray components, as well as IHI guidelines, which recommend a drape large enough to cover the patient from head to toe.
Twins Adrian and Neil Rayment vamped for the cameras in identical iridescent turquoise suits, matching from head to toe, but it was Carrie-Anne Moss who won the evening's biggest trouper award, turning up in a form-fitting sheath less than a month after giving birth to her first baby.
Both Santa Clarita Valley girls discovered their passion for ice hockey as tots - while their peers were squealing over their new sequined figure skating dresses, Alyssa and Jessica were bundled from head to toe in hockey pads, their hockey skates almost menacing beside the snow-white figure skates of their friends.
Drenched from head to toe with melted snow, 11-year-old Matt Rucks flung two fistfuls of snow at his 8-year-old brother Adam as the boys tackled each other and tumbled down an icy hill.
The duo, dressed from head to toe in duct tape, outdid more than 260 couples from 44 states and Canada.
And Aguilera, who was dressed in white from head to toe, piped out the opening lines with all the confidence of a diva.
The launch of Xbox 360 is a tipping point in the console market and will fully immerse gamers in the HD experience from head to toe," said Rick Bergman.
Saturday he spent several hours in an area hospital being X-rayed from head to toe.
Exceptional longitudinal C-arm movement for rapid positioning and expanded coverage, from head to toe.