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Manama, June 29 -- (BNA): The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA) has issued a statement ordering all coffee shops and restaurants to refrain from opening during the daytime and also prohibiting any smoking, eating or drinking on the roads, markets or public places everyday from dawn to dusk throughout the holy month of Ramadan 1435 H.
Access is allowed from dawn to dusk and the season extends until Nov.
Our team here have worked very hard, from dawn to dusk, to ensure conditions are safe and we all hope for a trouble-free meeting," he said.
Ramadan is a month of fasting from dawn to dusk, worship and studying the Holy Qur'an.
ISLAMABAD, May 09, 2010 (Balochistan Times): In order to minimize the threat of bursting of dam on Hunza river near Hunza valley, FWO is working with full vigour to deepen and widen the spillway cut by using over 17 plant pieces from dawn to dusk.
I remember playing games English Bulldog, Kick The Can and Tracker with a street full of pals from dawn to dusk.
The civil enforcement officers will work from dawn to dusk - 8am to 10pm seven days a week - to bring in the 20,000 extra tickets a year the council has targeted.
They worked from dawn to dusk each day, milking cows, digging ditches, sowing seeds and harvesting crops to supply the nation with food.
Bob, 60, and Joann, 59, still work from dawn to dusk with the help of their daughters, Alisia, Julia and Adria and son Rob.
Exclusively for Daily Record readers, we've managed to attain a wee sample of her ditties: My name is Pammie and I'm a mom, The joy just swells my heart, I take care of my boys from dawn to dusk, Since me and that tattooed bloke did part.
The Prime Minister will promise that a re-elected Labour government would give parents of primary school children affordable childcare from dawn to dusk.
The strike was called from dawn to dusk but ended five hours early due to the funeral of Ivy Rahman, chief of the women's wing of the main opposition Awami League, who died Tuesday from injuries sustained in Saturday's attack.
The passage from dawn to dusk is covered in a very brief time, yet the changing light registers the time of day, along with the movement and changing brightness of a star that creates a perspectival vanishing point.
The park is open from dawn to dusk and the centre is open weekdays from 9am until 4.