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Bruno had meanwhile settled the question by disappearing from the stage; and the Frogs instantly began inquiring the name of the next Character.
cried Sylvie, as she adjusted two or three young Frogs that had struggled round with their backs to the stage.
arose from the Frogs (I had quite learned to understand their croaking by this time).
Yet it appeared that King Lear, after deep meditation, could think of no other argument by which to prove his kingship: and, as this was the last of the 'Bits' of Shakespeare ("We never do more than three," Sylvie explained in a whisper), Bruno gave the audience quite a long series of somersaults before he finally retired, leaving the enraptured Frogs all crying out "More
Even Sylvie gave a little gasp, and allowed three of the Frogs, who seemed to be getting tired of the entertainment, to hop away into the ditch, without attempting to stop them.
Sylvie was silenced, and was all attention: in fact, she and I were most of the audience now, as the Frogs kept hopping away, and there were very few of them left.
This was evidently the Moral: so Sylvie made her final proclamation to the Frogs.
I did not feel quite clear about it myself, so made no suggestion: but the Frogs seemed quite content, Moral or no Moral, and merely raised a husky chorus of "Off
When the frog goes on a trip, it will send postcards and sometimes souvenirs from its tours around Japan, but the frog spends most its time at home sleeping or drinking tea.
Retrieving a frog across the slop, fish would at first barely bulge the surface.
Broadheads increase the damage to the frog, but can cut through its side allowing the frog freedom from the shaft and even a severely wounded one can then escape.
Therefore, consider one green frog, one spotted frog and three lily-pads.
Like many forest frogs, Golden- backed frog is excellent indicator for the health of tropical forest water systems," Prof.
The season runs from April 1 to the end of September, with experienced frog hunters commonly saying the early summer is the best time.
Introduction of alien species in some habitats has reduced frog populations, and overexploitation of frogs for food, teaching, and research has led to declines in some frog populations.