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Most of the time, the dead frog remains where it was hit or sinks to the bottom directly below.
Some students will move the green frog first of all and then jump the spotted frog over the green one.
That's why Jeremy Feinberg thought they might be the perfect people to help him identify his mysterious frog.
The newly discovered species are Don's Golden- backed Frog ( Hylarana doni ), Indian Golden- backed Frog ( Hylarana indica ), Large Golden- backed Frog ( Hylarana magna ), Maharashtra Goldenbacked Frog ( Hylarana caesari ), Sreeni's Golden- backed Frog ( Hylarana sreeni ),
Check out the skeleton of the world's largest frog and learn how the frog's skeleton allows it to out jump Olympic athletes.
The season runs from April 1 to the end of September, with experienced frog hunters commonly saying the early summer is the best time.
Introduction of alien species in some habitats has reduced frog populations, and overexploitation of frogs for food, teaching, and research has led to declines in some frog populations.
Fairgoers can construct a frog, and have a chance at winning a cash prize for their efforts, according to contest organizer Emily Bancroft.
The mock wedding of a male and a female frog is performed in the temple to please the rain deity.
While collecting at Omar Torrijos National Park, Lips' team noticed a common frog much bigger than specimens collected elsewhere.
Munich's strong entrepreneurial culture and diverse creative community make it an ideal place for frog," said Doreen Lorenzo, president of frog design.
Dr Parris, who is based at the University of Melbourne, made the discovery while undertaking research on nine frog species in public ponds in and around Melbourne.
The monkey frog is well known to the Matse and Mayoruna Amerindian tribes of western Amazonia.
A spokesman for the Irish Peatland Conservation Society, which carries out an annual frog survey called Hop To It, said they had been "swamped" with callers.
People don't visit any more as they are afraid to put their foot down as a frog will jump up from one place or another.