toing and froing

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toing and froing

1. Traveling between places or locations. Formed from the phrase "to and fro," meaning "back and forth" or "here and there." All this toing and froing between our different stores throughout the state has left me exhausted.
2. Jumping between plans or ideas in an unproductive way. To solve this problem, you need to commit to one plan of attack and stop all this toing and froing.
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toing and froing (on something)

moving back and forth on an issue, first deciding one way and then changing to another. The boss spent most of the afternoon toing and froing on the question of who was to handle the Wilson account. I wish you would stop toing and froing and make up your mind.
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ˌtoing and ˈfroing

1 movement or travel backwards and forwards between two or more places: All this toing and froing between London and Paris is making him tired.
2 a lot of unnecessary or repeated activity or discussion: There’s been a lot of toing and froing next door today. I wonder what’s happening.After a great deal of toing and froing, I decided not to change jobs after all.
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