fritter away

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fritter something away (on someone or something)

to waste something, such as money, on someone or something, foolishly. Did you fritter good money away on that old car? You frittered away one hundred dollars on that piece of junk?
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fritter away something

also fritter something away
to waste money, time, or an opportunity He was known to fritter away huge sums betting on the horses. I didn't do anything over vacation - I just frittered it away.
Usage notes: usually used to show disapproval
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fritter away

Squander or waste little by little; wear down gradually. For example, She frittered away her salary on odds and ends and saved nothing. This expression was first recorded in Alexander Pope's Dunciad (1728): "How prologues into prefaces decay, And these to notes are fritter'd quite away."
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fritter away

To gradually use something up, especially wastefully or without serious purpose: They frittered away their inheritance. I frittered my lottery winnings away on bad investments. I frittered away my vacation time watching television.
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BRITISH tourists will fritter away 365,000 weeks languishing in holiday hotel rooms with hangovers in 2006, according to a new survey by Teletext Holidays today.
Now he can go buy clothing and books on his own,'' said an optimistic Rothman, hoping Josh won't fritter away the Hanukkah money on video games.
To allow people to fritter away their money on gambling has to be immoral and to let them get hooked on the glitz of US-style casinos is beyond the pale.
DEJECTED Blackpool manager Steve McMahon saw his side fritter away a 2-0 lead.
Much above that figure, and your fund will stray from the index and fritter away your returns.
We believe it is much more important to finance the timely development of our projects, than to fritter away valuable time while Barbara Sinclair ponders which direction she wants to take the Company.
A scary survey says we fritter away up to three hours a day faffing around, carrying out unwanted tasks or putting off things that need done.
RUGBY LEAGUE: Wigan coach Brian Noble expressed sympathy for his old club Bradford after watching them fritter away a 30-6 lead in the first Super League elimination play-off at Odsal.
I'm voting no on anything that costs me more money for our politicians to fritter away.
FOR every pound Britons save they withdraw 52p within weeks to fritter away on impulse purchases, a survey claimed yesterday.
FOR every pound Britons save, they withdraw 52p within weeks to fritter away on impulse purchases.
Have a vision of what's important to you and eliminate the distractions that fritter away your time.
King me: TNT's Charles Barkley watched the Sacramento Kings fritter away their six-game lead in the West and concluded, ``They are softer than my stomach.
I felt a rising frustration because I don't want to fritter away these opportunities,'' Kiraly said.
He's had trouble in his last few outings, and it didn't take long for him to fritter away a one-run lead in the bottom of the seventh.