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fringe benefit

A non-monetary perk, incentive, or benefit for working a job that is given in addition to one's normal wage or salary. One of the fringe benefits of working here is getting free lunch in the cafeteria.
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lunatic fringe

The most extreme members or portion of a larger group of people. The group has widely been dismissed as the lunatic fringe of the religion, taking its most fundamentalist aspects and warping them into a cult-like ideology based on prejudice and hate. They're part of some lunatic fringe who believe that eating anything that dwells or grows above ground pollutes the body with toxins.
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on the fringe

1. At or in the periphery of something or some place. Our offices are on the fringe of the city, where rent isn't quite so high. There are still some tribes on the fringe of the forest that have never made contact with the outside world.
2. Outside of or not favored by the mainstream population; unconventional, radical, or extreme. He's a really smart guy, but some of his ideas are really on the fringe. I've just found that the most interesting art these days is found on the fringe.
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lunatic fringe

the more extreme members of a group. Most of the members of that religious sect are quite reasonable, but Lisa belongs to the lunatic fringe. Many people try to avoid eating a lot of fat, but Mary is part of the lunatic fringe and will eat anything.
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on the fringe

1. Lit. at the outer boundary or edge of something. He doesn't live in the city, just on the fringe.
2. Fig. at the extremes of something, typically political thought. He is way out. His political ideas are really on the fringe.
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the ˌlunatic ˈfringe

(disapproving) members of an organization or group who are more extreme than the others; extreme groups: It’s the lunatic fringe of the Animal Liberation Front which smashes the windows of butchers’ shops, not ordinary members like us.The word lunatic means crazy. It comes from the Latin word luna, meaning ‘moon’, because people believed that the changes in the moon caused temporary madness.
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Now headed into its sixth year, the Elgin Fringe Festival is a proud member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals and the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.
Shona McCarthy, chief executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said: "We hope these days out will give people an opportunity to see what is on offer and be part of the Fringe in its 70th anniversary year.
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Under the umbrella of the internationally acclaimed multi-arts festival, Fringe Manila is an open access, artist-driven community celebration that showcases fresh, daring and groundbreaking work by emerging and established artists from the Philippines, as well as international participants in theater, literature, music, dance, visual art, film, cabaret, performance art, spoken word and every other artistic genre in between.
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Despite this complexity, you can avoid tax mistakes so long as you remember one important rule: A fringe benefit is considered taxable compensation to an employee --subject to income and payroll taxes--unless the tax code or regulations say otherwise.
Now, tightly roll the top of the fringe around itself to form a bunch (Fig.
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An eye-skimming fringe will transform a long face, making it appear shorter.
The fringe comes in many guises, from blunt-cut bold to long sweeping peekaboo but the must-have cut of the season is big, bold and beautiful.
In a C CORPORATION, EMPLOYEE FRINGE BENefits generally are deductible at the corporate level, and the employee excludes the value from income.
Generally, income thus includes fringe benefits received by an employee from an employer unless it's specifically excluded.