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with no frills

With no extraneous details or embellishments. Not fancy, decorous, or elaborate. Simple. My history teacher is not someone who gets impressed by a beautiful cover page, so I made sure that my project was straightforward and presented the information with no frills.
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no frills

Void of extraneous details or embellishments; not fancy, decorous, or elaborate; simple. It's a real no frills kind of place, so we can get dinner someplace nicer, if you want. My history teacher is not someone who gets impressed by a beautiful cover page, so I made sure that my project was straightforward and no frills.
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She was flanked by Hollywood actress Scarlet Johansson and Kate Hudson, as she flaunted the frilly dress onstage.
Alf Hardy, curator at the British Wildlife Rescue Centre, said: "As soon as we heard that frilly underwear was being taken from washing lines we knew it had to be him as he'd been bringing saucy stuff back for some time.
Then, too, there are those little extras: perhaps lace drapes faintly painted in at the outer edges of the image, and a frilly filigree valance at the top, making a vast outdoor space into a cross between a proscenium and a boudoir; or else a looming central form that looks to be a skyscraper or a lighthouse but for a divide in the base, which, becoming a pair of legs, turns the whole form into a robotic figure or a fairy-tale giant.
It stands against the skyline on the ridge above Woolloomooloo, and seems to be almost frilly externally, with curving balconies setting up a detailed and animated contrapuntal pattern up the shaft, terminating in a generous wide cap at the top.
Her mount Frilly Front reared in the stalls and momentarily pinned her rider against the stalls' wall.
In one disturbing movement vignette, two ghostly young women dressed in frilly Victorian nightgowns were menaced by a burly, slobbering, growling mon.
McClintock is a purveyor of frilly prom dresses and other "romantic" clothing, an image that does not fit well with pictures of sweatshops filled with underpaid women workers.
Wagner was a pioneer of the flamboyant wrestler persona with his long, bleached-blond curls, frilly frocks and gaudy jewelry.
99, New Look; black shoes, PS116, French Connection Frilly knitwear is a big trend this winter.
With its floral furniture and frilly curtains, it looks an unassuming rural retreat.
If you like fussy and frilly, go for the parrot types, while the classic single, strong-stemmed varieties are dominated by the
At 14 I was a wannabe New Romantic, complete with frilly shirt and an over-one-eye fringe which sent my dad mad.
BEST OF THE BUNCH - Ornamental cabbage These glorious plants are excellent as focal points in winter pots with their mauve, pink or cream hearts and green frilly leaves around the edges.
He does not give titles to his sculptures but apparently has his own names for works like Bubbles - a large structure which does indeed look like bubbles - and Frilly for a shell-like piece with frilly edges.
uk) have launched a range of Pink Frilly tableware (far right) with a dinner plate costing pounds 3.