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Into his mind came the thought that his having been lost and frightened in the darkness was an altogether unimportant matter.
His mind went back to the night when he had been frightened by thoughts of a giant that might come to rob and plun- der him of his possessions, and again as on that night when he had run through the fields crying for a son, he became excited to the edge of insanity.
Yes, sir,' she rejoined, trembling and frightened as she was.
All was very quiet, and she went on again--not absolutely frightened, but a little quicker than before perhaps, and possibly not quite so much at her ease, for a check of that kind is startling.
She was really frightened now, and was yet hesitating what to do, when the bushes crackled and snapped, and a man came plunging through them, close before her.
Lecount; 'and you and Miss Vanstone shall judge for yourselves if I have frightened you without a cause.
Gebremarian, 18, of Yardley Street, Hillfields, was sentenced to 20 months detention after Judge Sally Hancox observed that his first victim is now frightened to return to college.
Islamabad -- It seems that the government has been frightened by 'Shaikh Rasheed's Cigar' as Public Accounts Committee put a ban on smoking in its meeting held on Wednesday.
She has installed a security chain and put up a sign in her door for people not to knock without an appointment because she is frightened.
A CHARITY cycle featurY -ing a member of band Frightened Rabbit passed through Newcastle.
REVIEW Frightened Rabbit INSTITUTE, DIGBETH AT A packed out Institute, Frightened Rabbit came on stage to raucous applause.
But principals argued that children are becoming too frightened "to have a go at things" due to such kind of risk assessments.
I ask because twice in the last few weeks while walking my dog on his lead we have been frightened and attacked by dogs off their leads and out of control.
NNA - 3/8/2012 - AN-NAHAR: Sunday elapsed and no information about Imam Sadr's file Kidnapped to be released today and salary scale on Wednesday ASSAFIR: On the eve of Pope Benedict XVI visit Who assures frightened and frightening "Lebanese people"?
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