fresh start

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*fresh start

a new start; an act of starting over. (*Typically: get ~; get off to ~; give someone ~; have ~; make ~.) After our apologies and a little discussion, we decided to make a fresh start.
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Rader Farms first introduced its Fresh Start Smoothie Blends to grocery stores this past spring with a line-up that consists of Sunrise Refresh (blueberry, strawberry, red raspberry, kale and spinach), Morning Vitality (mango, nectarine, sweet potato and carrot) and Daily Power(green apples, pineapples, kale and broccoli).
Fresh Start Legal Referral Services prides itself on its ability to provide information to educate homeowners when they are in need of legal assistance.
Fresh Start allows pupils to repeat the full final 12 months of their GCSE courses, including the statutory classroom-based controlled assessments, under the guided supervision and expertise of the school's specialist teachers.
The 'Mean Girls' star, who recently documented her struggle to get her life and career back on track on her self-titled OWN series after her six stints in rehab, reportedly wants a fresh start in the UK and thinks it will be good for her career.
It's never too late to apply and we want to see as many 16 to 24-year-olds as possible at the Fresh Start event.
As the only warming center in our community, Fresh Start will serve more than 1,500 bed-nights over the 60 or so days we will be open this coming winter, said Howard Martinson, executive director of Fresh Start.
COMPETITION Fresh Start Wales is reaching out to families across Wales to raise awareness of these dangers and is encouraging parents to make a fresh start and keep their car free from smoke.
The Fresh Start campaign was launched by Dr Tony Jewell, Wales's Chief Medical Officer, earlier this year.
gg The club had been willing to give him fresh start following his loan spell with a fresh start following his loan spell with Lille in France last season.
Sterritt insists it was Enbridge that spoke of wanting a fresh start with Coastal First Nations.
Monday's meeting will consider the work that needs to be done over the next 12 months to meet those priorities under the banner of the Fresh Start for Calderdale Programme.
Fresh Start Fitness Training and Nutritional Consulting is a mobile service that customizes training programs based on overall health and disease prevention rather than just weight loss.
That's what I want, a fresh start, a new decade and all
The Alberta government is partnering with Calgary Fresh Start Recovery Centre to build a new treatment facility.