fresh from

fresh from somewhere

having just arrived from somewhere As a 16-year-old fresh from Argentina, she won two important music competitions in three weeks.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of fresh (newly produced or made)
See also: fresh

fresh from something

having just finished something The South African president is set to begin a trip to the United States fresh from a key election victory.
Usage notes: from the literal meaning of fresh (newly produced or made)
See also: fresh
References in classic literature ?
Fresh from the shattering chaos of her sister-in-law's mind, Billy's tremendous calm was especially satisfying, and Saxon mentally laughed to scorn the terrible temper he had charged to himself.
A BEE from Mount Hymettus, the queen of the hive, ascended to Olympus to present Jupiter some honey fresh from her combs.
Especially hard did he find railroad travel in winter-time, when, on occasion, fresh from the last night's performance in a town, he remained for hours in his crate on a truck waiting for the train that would take him to the next town of performance.
Those big, red, sweet beauties are in season, ready to enjoy with pouffs of whipped cream or pop into your mouth fresh from the field or store.
and Hillshire Farm have announced a strategic alliance to produce an industry first -- packaged salads with meat that will stay fresh from production to consumption.