freeze to death

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freeze someone or something to death

1. Lit. [for cold weather] to kill someone or something. I was afraid that the cold snap would freeze the dog to death.
2. Fig. to make someone or something very cold. This weather is going to freeze us all to death.
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Allowing thousands of people in Kosovo to starve or freeze to death this winter is unthinkable.
The men are low on fuel and Penicuik-based boss Frank White fears they could freeze to death.
I'd rather freeze to death,'' the normally radiant Judd rasped.
That is, it's excellent work - but watching people tumble off mountains or freeze to death is unsettling.
So, naturally, they will freeze to death at Lambeau.
They knew the risks: A fickle storm or an unexpected avalanche could bury them, they could freeze to death or lose limbs to frostbite, or drown on fluid that might fill their lungs from altitude sickness.
You spend three months in Montana and freeze to death when you go outside, and it only takes a few months before you want to come back.
They're now made of advanced, breathable materials, so after the spread's set, you don't freeze to death before the morning nights arrive.
The Capuchin Day Centre has warned that with a cold snap on the way others could freeze to death in the coming weeks.
As this government it seems would like us to freeze to death, I would suggest that a way to save and make cuts would be to get the army out of Afghanistan alive and not in coffins: it would save lives and millions in money.
THE temperature has not yet gone below zero and already Age Concern is warning us that hundreds of pensioners could freeze to death unless an emergency winter plan is put into place (Mail, November 9).
Pensioners Betty and Bob Matas feared their two cats would freeze to death in the cargo hold if they flew to Arizona.
The 48-year-old, who watched his son and friend freeze to death, is being treated for frostbite in hospital in Bergen, Norway.
Should they starve or freeze to death while sleeping in the park while their appeals are being heard?