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breathe freely

To relax. To be free from worry. I can finally breathe freely now that I'm done my term paper—I had been working on that thing all day every day for weeks!
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breathe easy

To feel calm or relieved because a stressful situation has ended. With your thesis defense finished, you can finally breathe easy! All week, I was worried about having to give that presentation, so I can breathe easy again now that it's done!
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breathe easy

to assume a relaxed state after a stressful period. After this crisis is over, I'll be able to breathe easy again. He won't be able to breathe easy until he pays off his debts.
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Nothing is given so freely as advice.

Prov. People will give you advice more willingly than they give you anything else. Although no one in my family was willing to give me a loan, they all had suggestions about how I could get the money from elsewhere. Nothing is given so freely as advice. Don't hesitate to ask people what they think you ought to do. Nothing is given so freely as advice.
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breathe easy

Also, breathe easily or freely . Relax, feel relieved from anxiety, stress, or tension. For example, Now that exams are over with, I can breathe easy, or Whenever I'm back in the mountains, I can breathe freely again. This idiom originally (late 1500s) was put as breathe again, implying that one had stopped breathing (or held one's breath) while feeling anxious or nervous. Shakespeare had it in King John (4:2): "Now I breathe again aloft the flood." The variant dates from the first half of the 1800s.
See also: breathe, easy
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In the cases of the Palestinians and Namibians, where the native inhabitants were quite clearly unable to freely express themselves perhaps more than most non-self-governing territories at that time, and despite the fact that the U.
The apex bank said that it would allow the currency to float freely despite a record-breaking decline following problems in Ukraine.
If convicted Freely will face the death sentence, although it has always been reduced to life in the case of Westerners arrested on serious drugs charges.
If convicted Freely will face the death sentence, although the sentence has always been reduced to life in the case of all westerners arrested on serious drugs charges in Thailand.
During a performance, dancers were allowed to move these props freely onstage.
How did 16-year-old Jack Osbourne get in to a party where liquor was being freely handed out?
Tech Soft America (TSA), a provider of OEM graphics technology to the engineering software industry, and developers of the popular HOOPS(R) 3D Application Framework (HOOPS/3dAF), and Hewlett-Packard (HP), have announced a program to freely distribute the HOOPS/3dAF libraries for personal use on all HP VISUALIZE Workstations running the Linux OS.
This is by no means a complete list of such uses, but these examples serve to illustrate how freely this minority is symbolized in society.
That coffee, searingly bad as it can be, comes from the hand of a friend and is shared by all but children; it is a gift freely given and so priceless; it is a sign of brotherhood in a society so often devoted to celebrating the individual; and it is, however rough, an agent of awakening.
On the latter point, the panel observed that the government may not freely dismiss a qui tam action.
economics, embodied and ensured by the antitrust laws, means that every business should have the opportunity to compete freely and flourish in a free market.
The last two essays show how scholars of the past could also move freely between the classics and another part of Grafton's garden: biblical studies.
Perkacit [R] TBBS, a widely-used accelerator in the tire industry, is now freely available.
During the descent, scientists can probe the freely falling atoms with microwaves, obtaining extremely precise measurements of transitions from one atomic energy level to another.
Consumers have embraced Zecco's zero commission trading and the blogs, forums, newsletters and other financial information freely shared within the Zecco community.